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With Summer slowly on its way it is time to dig out our old summer favourites and stock up on some summer fashion staples! Their are several things I love to wear when the better weather comes in and they really have become some staples in my wardrobe over the past few years.

These items are classics and great basics in any women's wardrobe.....

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The Classic White Shirt

One of my favourite staples, not only for Summer, but all year round. With so many styles and shapes available in the shops nowadays, you will be able to find something that suits your style and can be worn to almost any occasion. A white shirt really is a classic as it can be paired with anything from skirts, to jeans, or worn underneath cardigans or jumpers to layer on chillier days and nights. Tthey also look effortless and can make all your outfits look smart and professional! 

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A Denim Jacket

A Denim Jacket is great in the Summer as it can give you an extra layer without being to heavy or bulky, all while looking stylish. Whether cropped, distressed or sleeveless, it is an effortless way to make your outfit look fashionable without having to put too much thought into it. 
You can also get different colours to match your preference, perfect for adding a splash of colour to your summer outfit.

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Summer Sandals

Of course, having a comfy and pretty pair of summer sandals is a must have for the better weather. Such a great essential to pair with summer skirt and trousers, or even with a simple pair of denims, it can add a little extra detail to a otherwise simple outfit. Again, with so many styles and shapes to match every style preference you can find a pair that works well for you, no matter who you are. 
Sparkly sandals are a favourite of mines as they sparkle like mad in the sun on those hot summer days.  great way to glam up your daytime outfit no matter what they occasion is.

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A Shirt Dress

Whether you like denim shirt dresses or checked dresses, they are all perfect for summer and another great summer staple. Paired with some sandals it can be a great everyday outfit, perfect for a day away, or a lunch with friends. You can also go for different lengths... midi dresses are a favourite of mines as I find them really flattering for my body shape.
By gathering in at the waist with either a tie or a belt, you can create an hourglass bodyshape and emphasise your waist. Or you can wear without for a more casual look...

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A Simple Tied T-Shirt

As much as I love t-shirts for everyday wear, I love to get myself a cropped t-shirt with a tie front. Again, not something specifically for summer, but they are a great essential that goes with basically every outfit. With a simple pair of shorts, a skirt, or a skirt, it is a great everyday summer staple that is comfy and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.
The tie at the front is just a little bit of detail to add something to the top without going too much. Perfect!

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Lastly, A Summer Maxi Dress

Of course, only really wearable in the warmer months and especially a holiday classic, a good maxi dress (or a few) will never go wrong. One of my favorite pieces for summer, and with so many styles and shapes available, you really will find one that works for you. 
These can be dressed up or down to make it work for day or night making it the perfect summer staple. It is also a great cover up piece for the hotter weather if you are prone to burning like muself, especially if you pair it with a summer hat and some shades!
A summer Maxi dress is a great wardrobe essential as you can throw it on in a any occasion and look on trend and stylish... great for those lazy summer days!

So those are MY summer essentials, however with so many to choose from, finding your summer staples can be difficult. If you have any other summer staples in your wardrobe that you think are necessary, then let me know what they are in the comments below....

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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  1. Lovely collection of summer fashion. especially maxi dresses. Thanks for sharing.


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