My 2nd Job... How I became a Gel Nail Technician!

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I have now been a Gel Nail Technician for over a year ago now, and it has definitely became an important part of my life. In all, I have been getting my gel nails done now for about 4 years and I absolutely love how nice they look and feel. Having neat, nicely painted nails really can make a difference to your whole outfit and can also make you a more confident person.

Trying to study at the same time as working and volunteering is difficult, nevertheless last year when I decided to undertake the challenge. It took a year for me to undertake my course and get my Diploma and when I finally got it I was so chuffed and new that it would be something that I loved doing, as well as helping me out outwith my job.

I started getting into gel nails after I left my job as a Lab Technician. Beforehand, I was never able to get anything done to my nails because of what my job entailed... and being a girly girl who liked to pamper herself, it was difficult. After I left I began visiting a local nail technician to get my nails done. I LOVED it. It was so great having pretty nails for a change, especially when it had been so long.

The only problem I had was the price. I was getting my nails done every fortnight because my nails grew so fast, so they were costing me about £50 a month... and when you are only in your late teens, it was a lot of money. Instead of stopping, because I enjoyed it so much, Ii decided to give gel nails a go myself by buying a few basics online for cheap. I had seen how the gel nail technician I went too done my nails and pretty successfully managed to copy it!

I done my mums nails a lot and felt I was improving every time, so much so I started doing friends and other families nails too, again everyone seemed to like them. Nevertheless, I still had a lot to learn and after some thought, I decided to do a home course to get myself a qualification, something I could complete outwith my job and other commitments.

After some research, I discovered an online college called 'Stonebridge', It was a great choice for me as it allowed me to study for my diploma at my own pace, and it was reasonable in price, unlike some other places I had looked at. Although I was taking on a lot at one time, I did love my experience with them and would totally recommend to others, they have such a large variety of courses for you to study and are supported throughout. In fact why not check them out here:

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In March 2016 I got my diploma which allowed me to take on clients and other people and charge, providing me with a part time job to get some extra money outwith my full time job. I loved the fact that I could earn a little extra cash doing something I loved! Now over a year later, I still love what I do and I am so glad I took on a course to get me an extra qualification... I have even considered doing another nail course to improve on what I can do!

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So that's how I became a gel nail technician, I took on a lot to get my diploma but it has totally been worth it... the opportunities it has gave me have been great... it was even how I started getting into blogging all those years ago. 

Remember if you are wanting to get some extra training or qualifications, remember to check out Stonebridge over at ... would really recommend it!

Until next time, take care...

Until next time, take care...

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