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As many of you know... I am one of the biggest chocoholics out there. I love to treat myself to a little bit of chocolate after a long day at work and enjoy trying different brands as they all make their chocolate differently. I was so excited to get to try some of the Chocolates from the well known brand 'Hotel Chocolat' and even got to visit their new Glasgow café to sample a couple of the treats that were on offer!

The even sent me a box of their 'Chocs-to-Chill' Sleekster treats to try, which I can tell you right now taste incredible! Keep reading to find out how I got on....

The new café in Glasgow is in an extremely good location, very close to transport links like the train station and subway... and also has views over Buchannan street and into Princes Square. When I first went in, the shop was extremely busy, showing just how popular a place it is for fellow chocoholics like myself.

I was taken care of by the nicest women, Zoe... who made sure I was well looked after. As soon as I walked in, I was given the chance to try a chocolate from their 'Cocktail' collection. Their was such a selection, it was challenging to choose which one to have. The staff then offered me the chance to sample one of their hot chocolates. I went for the Salted Caramel as Zoe highly recommended it!

I am a huge fan of hot chocolates anyway, but this was amazing! It was super tasty and made me feel a lot better after what had been a very stressful day.

I also was offered the chance to try their ice cream, which Zoe told me was extremely popular, even in the colder weather. I got offered a range of sauce toppings, so I decided on the Coconut and Pineapple.. as this was something I wouldn't normally go for. Nevertheless, I was so glad I did, it went perfectly with the ice cream and was the ideal amount to satisfy my (very) sweet tooth!

I couldn't help but demolish both the ice cream and hot chocolate... both were right up my street and I can't wait until the next time I am in Glasgow to pay another visit and treat myself!

When I was finished I took a quick walk around the store and was amazed at the amount of different flavours and combinations they had. You really can tell both by walking around and speaking to the staff that they really are passionate about the chocolate that they sell...

I got the chance to speak to Zoe a bit more when I was walking around and she told me all about how well the staff are trained and how they get the chance to work on different Chocolate courses.... which amazed me! It is great to hear that a company like this is so passionate about their products and ensure that they sell nothing but the best by providing great training for their staff. As I said before, the passion the staff have really shows in the store...

Once I had had a nosey round the store, I left, as it was starting to get busy and didn't want to be a burden. I was so lucky to get offered the chance to visit and I am so thankful to the staff for letting me sample a few things from their menu!


Just when I thought I was done, I came home to a box from 'Hotel Chocolat' containing a 'Chocs-to-Chill' Sleekster gift box, which contained 27 different chocolates with flavours such as 'Strawberry Milkshake' and my personal favourite 'Strawberry and Blueberry Smoothie'. I was amazed that they sent me something so incredible and I truly was spoilt!

These chocolates were insanely good and I could tell when visiting the store they were extremely popular, as many of the customers were looking at them...

I also noticed that these also come in a smaller 'H' box if you are wanting to buy a smaller gift, or just want to sample them before treating yourself to a bigger box. These chocolates although might seem pricey to some people, are such value for money, and the quality of the cocoa comes through in every bite, which is lacking in a lot of brands today!


Overall, my experience with Hotel Chocolat has been very positive. The staff are so friendly (and really know their stuff), the café experience was incredible, so much so I am already planning my next visit, and most importantly, the chocolates are to die for! Make sure if you are in Glasgow and are looking for somewhere to unwind, that you pop into Hotel Chocolat and treat yourself as you really won't regret it!

I got to sample a few of the chocolates that were on offer, however for a full selection of chocolates that Hotel Chocolat sell, check out their website here: HOTEL CHOCOLAT

To find out more about what Hotel Chocolat has to offer in their café, visit: CAFE MENU

Remember, let me know what you thought of your Café experience, and what you thought of their treats in the comments below....

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

P.S Massive thank you to 'Hotel Chocolat' for giving me the opportunity to work with them and allowing me to sample some extremely tasty products! I enjoyed every minute of it and can't wait to visit the café again to teat myself to some more delights!


  1. Loveee hotel chocolat chocolates omg - great post!

    Carla x

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