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One of the best and most classic ways to accessorize has always been a good wrist watch. Whether a classic piece or a modern design, it has always been one of the most popular ways to add bit of extra detail to an outfit, mainly due to its practicality!

With Summer over and Autumn upon us (especially here in Scotland), It can be one of the easiest ways to jazz up out Autumn looks, whether on a night out, or a casual home day with friends!

 Browns were amazingly generous and offered me the chance to review one of their current designs. I chose this beautiful grey and rose gold piece....

The watch is from a brand called 'Cluse', a very well known brand, and a popular one for all adults, but especially young adults, male and female, thanks to its sleek and modern designs.

I appreciate how simplistic this is, however it makes such a big impact when it is worn. It features a thin grey leather strap, with rose gold fastening and detailing. I love that the face of this watch is white, making it easy to read and adds to the minimalist design... one of my favourite trends this time of year....

I was expecting this to be delivered in your classic watch gift box, so thought it was extremely unusual that I received the watch in a beautiful matching leather pouch. This was such a classy concept and is such a unique yet stylish way to keep the watch safe while it is not being used. It even comes with the 'Cluse' logo/name imprinted in it.

Even the warranty and business details within the pouch are delightful. They are so beautifully packaged and the little details match so well it is difficult not to be wrapped up in how beautiful everything is....

Everything is such good quality and so beautifully finished, it would make the perfect gift, whether for a friend, family member or even yourself! They also offer a range of designs, including this exact one in black, so their is the perfect design, no matter what your perfect watch is.


With such a range of different watches coming in to trend over the years, it is amazing to look back over the past 100 years to see how the ideal watch has changed. Starting way back in the 1800's with watches worn in the Military, to the current trends of the Apple watch, the last 100 years of change really has shown how the times have changed and the uses of the watch have advanced. Browns Jewelers have created this infographic which shows us just how the history of watches have changed over the decades....

100 Years Watches Infographic


Have you got any thought on how the watch has been adapted over the years? Did you used to have any of these? Let me know any thoughts or comments below....

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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