When you are having an insecure day....

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As much as I try and remain confident in myself and don't let anyone else put me down... I still have an off day where I am maybe feeling a little insecure. It could be caused by a multitude of reasons, whether it be hormonal, or just feeling less confident. It is normal and happens to all of us occasionally...

Their are so many things that influence how we look at ourselves and cause our insecurities. Tabloids and celebrities are one of the most common causes of this... it is so easy to compare ourselves to the images our press share and it causes us to start to doubt our own image. It's easy to forget that the pictures we see of celebrities in the papers and magazines have been highly photoshopped. None of us are that perfect and it is important to remember to be happy in our skin, even the bits we don't like. 

When I am having an off day I always try and remind myself it will go away. When you are feeling insecure, it can often make you feel low and it can also make you think the feeling will never go away. It is only a phase, and will go away in time, before you know it you will be back to your normal confident self.

When feeling insecure starts to affect you on a more everyday basis, it can be challenging to get yourself to see things in a different light. Speak to someone about your insecurities if you feel it is getting too much, whether it be a family member, friend or even work colleague or teacher. Sometimes all you need to express how you feel and that is enough to make yourself feel better. They might even be able to help you by recommending someone who you can talk to, or by even offering some advice themselves. Keep in mind, they have probably been in your shoes at some point too.

Although personally I still have days where I am not as confident, for the most part I am pretty confident in myself and have good self esteem. Over the years of growing up I taught myself that something you might be worrying about and is big to you, is probably nothing to someone else.                                                     Remind yourself of that when you are having an off day... it will help you see things more realistically and hopefully help you feel bette quicker.


How do you manage your life when you are having an off day? Do you have any tips or advice for oth RBS in the same position? Leave them in the comments below....

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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