My Make Up Goals for 2018...

So my 'New Year' theme continues with another post talking all about my Make Up Goals for 2018!
As someone who is a huge fan of make up and doesn't like to leave the house without it, this year I really want to get a little more creative with it! I think Make Up can really change a person and allow someone's creativity to shine. I have set myself some 'Make Up Goals' for 2018 that I am hoping to achieve throughout the year to allow me to not only improve but build my confidence and knowledge....
First things first, one of my worst habits is definitely sticking to 'what I know' instead of trying out new looks and getting creative. Trust me, if I find a lipstick or a mascara that I love, I'm stuck with it until it has been used to the end... I won't try a new look or product out for fear of disappointment or embarrassment.
I really want to get more creative and try out looks that I are out my comfort zone. For example, I love bold and bright lips, however the thought of wearing such a statement colour makes me cringe inside, without even trying it on. I can't wait to mix my looks up depending on how I am feeling... One day I might rock the smoky eye and next I will rock the red Hollywood lip. I can't wait to see what my mood creates each day!
Another Make up Goal for the New Year is to not only try new looks out, by explore different brands. Their are so many new brands coming out, and product ranges that excite me, but I have never had the courage to give them a go! I get so stuck in a whirlwind of using brands I already love I ignore the fact their are so many new ranges and brands coming out that often offer superior products... and I am missing out on them! I am really excited to explore a new range of brands this year and I want to try everything from budget to high end! I can't wait to see what lil' gems I find along the way...
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I also want to keep my current Make Up collection much more organised this year, rather than crammed into a drawer or unit. I don't have the biggest Make Up collection, that's for sure, but I have managed to fair stack up a lot of products over the years. I really want to look after the collection I have and make sure they are organised and well looked after. I spent some of my Christmas Break last year getting rid of a lot of old and out of date bits and bobs, so now everything is very organised and tidy... I just need to keep it this way!
I also want to really look after my skin this year and treat it well, to ensure that when I use Make up, it applies well and looks amazing on! My skin really doesn't cope with the cold weather and I have noticed when I have been applying Make up, especially my cream foundations and concealers that it doesn't look as smooth as it could be. I have stacked up my skincare collection for this year and want to ensure I use it well to make sure my skin is prepped well before getting made up! Of course this is something I want to keep up when Spring and Summer come around too...
Lastly, I was spoilt at Christmas with a New Make up brush cleaner and want to make sure I use it regularly and often to keep my cosmetics brushes clean and bacteria free. I am guilty and put my hands up, to admit I don't clean my brushes and sponges as much as I should, but with this little nifty device, I am going to ensure I clean them all the time (No more excises from Nicole!)
Between regular cleaning, and sticking to a regular skincare routine, I can't wait to see the difference in my skin and Make up!
Yes I have set myself quite a few little goals for the new year, but in my eyes they are all very achievable and easy to work with! Make up really does build my confidence, especially on days where my skin isn't looking as good as it could be, so I cannot wait to see how I get on with the goals I have set myself!
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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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