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Although I have always loved my Make up... one of my favourite make up pieces I cannot leave the house with is a Lipstick, or Lip-gloss. I like to have some colour on my lips, otherwise I feel I look tired and lifeless. Whether it is a bright berry, or a pretty plum,  I find it helps complete a look and can make such a difference to someone's confidence.
Throughout the last few months, I have came together with 4 go-to lip products, that are also budget friendly, that I love to grab to make sure I feel confident and healthy!
Natural Collection is a Boots own make up brand that I feel is very underrated, especially when it comes to it's lip products. They don't have the biggest selection of shades by far, however the products themselves feel nice on the lips, aren't drying and have good colour pay off! This lipstick in shade 1 is my favourite, especially as it is the perfect Winter shade and looks almost a nude/plum on the lips.
The packaging is nothing special, but it looks neat and clean, and is also small and compact, making it perfect for taking and using on the go. For such a great little lippy, it is very affordable, as everything in the Natural Collection is under £3... absolute bargain for sure!
Another budget brand and another that is often overlooked, is Miss Sporty, a small brand that is very budget friendly! One of my favourite products they offer is their lip-glosses. They offer a great colour variety that offers good colour, without leaving the lips sticky and gooey. This shade, Eternal Ruby, is a beautiful red/berry colour that looks great with most make up looks. It also has a little shimmer throughout it, making it look great in pictures as it gives you that little extra shine! 
One that has been a favourite of mines for a while now is the Maybelline Super Stay 24h Colour, especially in this shade Extreme Fuchsia. This is a must have for anyone who struggles to find a long lasting lippy, it really doesn't budge, even when it comes to eating and drinking! The colour is applied and left until tacky, then sealed in with the balm... perfect also if you can't ensure you top up your make up often (great for work etc).
Their are so many shades available, everything from reds, nudes, pinks and browns are covered so if berry shades aren't your thing, then you will find a shade that suits you!
Lastly, another lip-gloss, this time from Rimmel, from the Oh My Gloss range. I love these so much, and are such a basic staple for any make up collection, as they are easy to use, full of colour and feel great on the lips. This is in the shade Pin Up, a pink/fuchsia shade, however on the lips offers a great pink sheen on the lips to help them look healthy and hydrated! They aren't sticky or tacky to wear so the lips feel great all day!
I of course have a HUGE range of lip products, however these have for sure became my go to favourites for on a budget... and have became big staples in all my make up creations! I cannot wait until summer rolls round to dig out all my favourite summer colours... you might even be seeing them in a future post!
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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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  1. These lipsticks look amazing, the colors are so vibrant! loved your post and your blog! 😊

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      They are all so pigmented and so affordable... such great buys! <3


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