♥How to love yourself this Valentines Day♥

 So yep! That time of the year is here again, where love is in the air and you can't walk into any shop or supermarket without the reminder that Valentines day is creeping ever closer! I am very excited for Valentines this year, but for a lot of people it can be a horrible reminder that you are on your own and it really can affect your confidence! It is important to remember what Valentines day is all about....


First things first, Valentines day is often celebrated for couples, and is seen as a celebration of being in love! Nevertheless I think it is important to celebrate the day sharing the love with friends and family too and showing people that are closest to you that you care for them! It really can make the biggest difference to someone's day, especially if they are maybe feeling a little lonely on Valentines day too! So share some love!
Whether it is writing a cars to some of your friends telling them hoe much you appreciate them, or even just telling them in person, spreading a little positivity will not only put a smile on their face, but will help you feel a little more positive too!

Another thing I tell people every year is if you are on your own this Valentines Day, make it a day all about you, and spoil yourself rotten! Literally!
Buy yourself some valentines choccies, get a glass of wine poured, and pamper yourself to show your body some love! Treat yourself to a beauty session to make you feel beautiful and do whatever you love to do, whether it be a night in watching a movie or a night out with the girls! Valentines is definitely not a holiday just for couples anymore....
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It is important to give yourself a little pep talk this time of year, especially if your confidence is affected! I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason so remind yourself that it is only one day and before you know it, Valentines will be over and the shops will be plastered with Easter chocolates and decorations!

Even better, all the Valentines chocolates will be reduced big time!

Valentines day really is a day to celebrate not only the partners in our lives, but us too and to share the love with friends and family! It can be easy to get warped into this frame of mind that you should be with someone when that isn't the case! Celebrate how amazing you are and do what makes you happy this valentines day, treat yourself to something nice and spoil yourself!

No matter how you are celebrating Valentines day this year... have an amazing day!


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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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