I finally went to Glasgows 'Purrple Cat Cafe...'

So on Saturday, after many months of patiently waiting, I finally got to go to Glasgow's first ever cat café, based in Merchant City! Being the major cat fanatic I am, it was a day I was very excited for, so much so I booked a double session to ensure that I got as much time with the cats as I could (I really wanted to get as many cuddles in my slot as possible)

The anticipation of this café opening has been huge and I just had to give a quick review on my experience there...
I would have loved to take much more pictures, however it was a very busy morning and I didn't want to intrude on all the other visitors, so I took just a couple to give you an insight!


We arrived pretty early, however their was seating in the waiting area, along with the cat rules and instructions to ensure you and the cats were all safe, perfect for reading before entering the café itself.

When we got in, the women at the entrance was lovely and gave us all a quick run through of what to expect before taking us all to our allocated seats. The seats were spread about well and all had access to cat beds, toys and blankets, so everyone had a fair chance of meeting some of the kitties. We also quickly discovered that we didn't need to stay in these seats, unlike some other cafes of a similar nature I have been to in the past... you are free to roam around and approach the cats, perfect for me as I was on cloud 9 and couldn't wait to meet them all!

Of course being in a café, their was food and drinks available to have during your visit. I ordered the Pitta with humus and a cappuccino for a major coffee fix! I was starving, so when it was given to me just a few minutes later, I scoffed the lot without taking a picture for you (that and also I didn't want the cats to much at it!). Nevertheless, take my word, it was lovely and I am sure when I next pay a visit, I will be trying some more items from their menu!

Now onto the cats! In total, the Purrple Cat Café has 21 cats, ranging from a few young little kittens, right up to the oldest, who was 10! I honestly fell in love with them and it is lovely to see the cats being so friendly and sociable with everyone, but also so happy, considering a large number of them are rescue kitties! I got to meet a few, however I only got pictures of a couple as I didn't want to pester the cats in anyway, or force them to come over!

I fell in love with Merida, who was the smallest and most playful kitten ever... she was so quick unfortunately I never managed to get a good picture of her... she just loved playing with her toys!

The staff were amazing too. Their were plenty around during the session so if we had any questions or wanted to get some advice we easily could. They also came round as soon as we were seated to get orders, ensuring we had plenty of time to eat and drink before our session ended.

The café has a range of souvenirs you can buy, ranging from pens to bags and even hoodies (one of which I desperately wanted but trying to be sensible and watch the funds). Their was also cat kibble on sale for just £1, meaning you could feed the cats too! The staff were very helpful when it came to purchasing anything from them and you could tell they all loved their job! To be honest, I was a bit jealous to not be working there....

I had an absolute ball visiting and cannot wait as I will definitely be coming back again another time to see my new friends! For any cat lovers out there, this is a must and an amazing, unique experience to try! They also do offer memberships if you are going to be a regular visitor... I might be purchasing one of them anytime soon!


Massive Thank you to the Purrple Cat Café team for letting me take some photos to appear here on my blog!

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Are you visiting Scotland soon?

I am a huge fan of visiting unique places here in Glasgow and Scotland! Make sure you check out 
to learn some more about beautiful Scotland! Full of great articles and information!

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