No7 'Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil' Review...

I have already started counting down the days until March is upon us and Springtime finally hits, I feel like this winter has gone on forever! The weather here in Scotland has been horrendous and the wind and rain has played havoc on my skin!
I have been trying the No7 'Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil' over the past few months, while the cold weather has been here to treat my dull and dried out skin and have been very impressed with the outcome!

I have always loved No7 as a brand, whether its their make up, skincare or gift sets and have never had a product that has been a disappointment or has not worked for me! The oil has to be one of my favourite buys from the brand so far! I feel it has really helped my skin heal in the cold, wind beaten weather and keeps the skin hydrated and plump. It comes with a dropper too, to keep application mess free and to avoid the habit of using too much product... which could leave the skin feeling heavy!
I am often quite picky with oils, and feel I often avoid them for fear they leave my skin greasy and dirty, however this dries into the skin in no time and applies well, not feeling heavy or gloopy on your face! It really has changed my perception of face oils, and this product has became a key member of my skincare collection.
This can be on sale for around £20, depending on where you go. I don't normally spend a lot on skincare as I have sensitive skin and prefer to play it safe by using more standard formulas! Nevertheless, this has been a blessing for me this winter and you can get so much use out of one bottle. A little certainly goes along way with this oil and I feel this is great value for money because of that... one bottle will last you a very long time!
It does also have a very pleasant fragrance to it, however it isn't overpowering... leaving your skin lightly scented, however not agitating sensitive skin, something that did concern me when I first decided to give this a go.
A lot of thought has went into the formulation of this product and it comes across when you use it on your skin. It doesn't sit on the skin for any length of time, the skin absorbs the product instantly, leaving the skin soft and hydrated and helping to cure any dryness on your face, something which I am prone to having this time of year!
This has become a must have in my skincare collection and will continue to use this every morning and night until the better weather comes around (if it ever does!) It has replaced all my other cream moisturisers and I think for the price, this is a total bargain, especially if you have very dry skin!
The oil is available at Boots, click the link for more information: 
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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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  1. This sounds like a great product! I might have to try it out as normally cautious with oils but this sounds like it might suit me well! X

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