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So those who have been living in the UK over the past few weeks will understand how bad the weather has recently been! We were battered with snow and gail force minus temperature winds, and although I am glad it is over, I know many people are still suffering coughs and cold caused by the plummeting temperatures.
I often suffer from colds all year round and although they often aren't too much of a problem, they can leave me sore and tired, making my day a drag! When A.Vogel provided me the chance to try some of their health products regarding cold remedies, I knew it was right up my street and I would be the perfect person to try them!
I was offered the chance to sample 2 of their products, a Throat cough spray, and a Cold & Flu Hot drink, both of which I knew I'd get great use out of when I was feeling a little run down!
The first thing I got use out of was the throat spray! I have tried a few throat sprays over the years and find them awfully difficult to use. Nevertheless, this has a rotating tip, that means you can spray the product right to where you need relief, and you won't end up with it all over your mouth, leaving you with an awful taste!
I do find the long tip does help get the product right to the back of your throat, which is great! It calms the throat down in seconds and provides a bit of numbing relief... great if like me you can often suffer tickly coughs and colds! It hasn't got the nicest taste in the world, however I think this is just the nature of the type of product it is as it contains a lot of calming ingredients.
Saying this, it does work and I found that it did make a difference quickly and effectively, a definite must have if you suffer from irritated coughs.....

The other thing I got the chance to try, and the thing I was most excited for as I was very intrigued, was the Cold and Flu Hot Drink. I am a lover of hot drinks and find they really help me out if I am feeling run down, so this excited me massively!
This is a solution that gets added to hot water and drank as a cold remedy. It comes with a small measuring spoon, which is very handy to ensure you add the right amount too (a nice little extra). Personally I wasn't a fan of the taste, it was very peculiar and not my sort of thing, however that is just personal opinion and everyone is of course different! Nevertheless, I do find it helps clear away the cold and eased the symptoms ever so slightly. It became the perfect thing to have for my working day as it helps me feel more 'alive' and gave me more energy to get through the day. I also liked to take this at night before sleep to help clear the symptoms and ensure I got a good nights sleep!
I was pretty impressed with the outcome, and think that one 100ml bottle would last you a long time, perfect value for money!
I really enjoyed trying out these products and found both definitely had their positive effects! They helped me a lot when I was feeling run down and I will definitely be keeping them in my medicine cabinet for future use!
If you have tried any products from A.Vogel, then let me know... otherwise check out the website here to try some of their products, as well as discovering some other brands...
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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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P.S: Massive thank you to https://www.yourhealthfoodstore.co.uk/for allowing me to try some products from your website. All poducts featured were gifted to me, however all opinions are my own

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