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One of my favourite things to do in my free time, is to discover new products and try out new things. I have been lucky enough over the past 2 years to be given the opportunity to try out the weird and wonderful in the beauty world, however this product grabbed my attention as soon as I was offered the chance to give it a go.

It just seemed like such a unique concept! Calla-Coll is a high potency collagen drink which contains Hyaluronic acid to help improve your skins hair, nails and joints and is a great health must have for anyone over the age of 20!


I was intrigued to try this as I was unsure how the concept would work. The solution can either be taken as a daily shot, or added to something like a smoothie if you prefer. I began my first week by taking it in shot form, then decided to try adding it to a morning smoothie. Personally, I preferred the smoothie method, however it really depends on your lifestyle....

The drink is quite thick, more like a syrup or honey texture, which is why personally I would have this added to a smoothie rather than on its own, the texture just isn't my sort of thing. The taste is also pretty unusual in my opinion. Personally I am not a fan, it really is a unique taste and I don't think that the product tastes like berries, as what is advertised... although everyone's taste is different!

In saying all this, I do think it made a little bit of a difference and worked effectively... and only took about a week until I saw the benefits. I noticed the biggest difference in my hair, it felt much stronger and healthier... almost boosted with energy! I also feel it did help my bones, as recently I got a piercing in my ear, and it took very little time to heal while I was taking this... which was pretty impressive!


So would I keep using this? Personally I would... although I wasn't a fan of the texture or taste, you could see the benefits within just a few days and when added to a smoothie or drink, you forget you are taking it!

If you get the chance to try this, I would definitely recommend it... I really do believe it helped my body and the Vitamins were extremely beneficial for my skin
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P.S: Massive thank you to those in the Calla-Coll team for allowing me to try your product. All poducts featured were gifted to me, however all opinions are my own

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