Ginfall - Glasgow 2018

So on 3rd March 2018, I was lucky to be invited to go to the Ginfall Event, organised by Social and Cocktail that took place in The Pollockshield Burgh Hall and featured all things Gin related! I am not the biggest Gin lover in the world, however I was still intrigued to try all the different types of Gin available, and sample something I wouldn't normally be brave enough to try! Their ended up being quite a few different brands that I really liked and that I would definitely buy in the future!

It really was a Gin lovers paradise....

 Their really was plenty of different stalls and exhibits to look around, and you really were not struggling for something new to try. Their were 2 halls packed with a variety of different brands offering samples of gins, liqueurs and cocktails, as well as a bar downstairs with a bar offering some cocktails. The first cocktail was free when we entered, however the other cocktails were £5 each, mind you that didn't stop us trying a couple out!

The stalls were very well laid out and each was so unique, showing off how unique every brand of gin was from one another! A few of my favourites were the Dundee Marmalade Gin, which tasted so unusual and was much sweeter than you would expect! Another favourite of mines was Caorunn Gin, it tasted so smooth, which is one of the reasons I am not a massive fan of a ot of gins...

Another of my favourites was the Shetland Reel Gin, created in the Shetland islands, they had a range of Gins to try. I fell in love with the Ocean Scent Gin, again a much smoother Gin than most and had a really unusual taste compared to a lot of the other gins.... something that made it really stand out for me!

Their was a couple of stalls too that appealed to me as they were quite unusual. Their was one stall that had a range of Gin mixers and offered different varieties of drinks to have with your Gin. Their was also a stall that personalized drinks bottles into all sorts of decorative items, including lamps, candle holders and also vases! So unusual!

Honestly, I was really impressed with the event, considering I am not the biggest Gin lover, I loved getting the chance to try all the different samples and drinks. It was a great atmosphere, however wasn't crowded or too busy! Their was also a singer throughout the event too, and small buffet/lunch on offer downstairs if you were feeling peckish, we didn't bother as we were enjoying the stalls too much upstairs...

The event was so well organised and put together, it really did make the day such a sucess in my eyes. The staff were very friendly and approachable, the exhibitors were all so welcoming and the singer put on a fine show for the crowd! 
The only disappointment was I didn't win the 10 bottles of Gin in the raffle towards the end of the day!


I just want to give a MASSIVE thank you to the Social and Cocktail team who were kind enough to invite me along to the event and allow me to review the experience! It really would be something I would love to go to again if it were ever to return.... it really did allow me to try some things I have never tried before and opened my eyes (and taste buds) to some new favourites.

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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I do not promote the consumption of alcohol in any means and believe it should be drank within moderation and with the rules of legislation. I was not paid to attend this event, however did not pay for entry. Nevertheless all opinion are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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