My Favourite Hobbies 2018

I have so many hobbies that I love to do in my free time to help me relax and to have fun, especially with the madness of everyday life and work often taking over! I think it is really is important to find at least one hobby that you know you will enjoy that will help you to relax ... it helps rest your mind and give a little bit of me time in what can be a hectic lifestyle.

I have a few hobbies that I like to do in my spare time that help me relax after work or a busy day of running around, some of which have been pass times of mines for many years, others have just became a new interest of mines. Nevertheless, they have all became an important part of my life.


The first pastime of mines is of course baking and has been a pastime of mines for my whole life. I love to bake in my spare time and find it so much fun trying out new recipes and deserts. For me, I find it a really great way to unwind and forget any stress or tension I may have... and get a little creative too.

Going on from this, I am not a great cook in any means, but it is something I really want to discover and get good at this year. I'd love to learn how to cook and discover it as a new hobby, alongside my baking and begin to get better in the kitchen. I do find the kitchen a really relaxing room to be in and love making new things so I cannot wait to improve and continue my favourite pastime...


Another hobby that has also partly become an evening job, is my love of gel nails. I absolutely love doing gel nails, again I find it extremely relaxing and calming... and also allows me to get creative and get fun with different colours and designs. It is a great way for people to express a bit of personality without it being too in peoples faces... and I love helping people (and myself) to express that!

I have always loved doing peoples nails, ever since a young age and I think that is maybe where my interest has arisen from. I am now a qualified technician and see it as a big part of my life... which is great!

Something which is now a huge hobby of mines, but wasn't just a few years ago, is film. I love to watch movies in my spare time, whether it is a new movie or something I have watched before, their is something about relaxing for a few hours and getting immersed into a story that I love. It takes you away from reality temporarily and is a great way to unwind in your free time.

I am also getting into the cinema more nowadays. I never used to be a huge fan of heading out to watch a movie but it has recently became a huge hobby of mines... their is something about seeing a story on the TV that captivates me!


Lastly, I love to try out new things, whether it is a new restaurant opening, or a new travel destination or even just going somewhere I have never been before... I love a little adventure. I get very bored if I end up doing the same things over and over again so discovering new places to go and visit has almost became a hobby in itself. I love planning new trips or experiences with friends and family and doing things I have never done before!


It is so important for everyone to find something in their life that they can do to help them relax and unwind if they get stressed or overworked and I think finding the perfect hobby is the tool to helping you relax and have fun. Let me know your favourite hobbies in the comments below...

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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