'Krystellie' Hair Extentions - First Thoughts....

The thought of putting Hair Extentions would normally put the fear in me. I always thought it would be so difficult and would never look right of me and this thought process always put me off ever trying them.
Nevertheless, when the brand Krystellie got in touch I jumped at the opportunity to try some amazing hair extensions and being an amateur in the field, I wanted to see how easy they really were to use.... and if they really were as easy as some people make them out to be!
The first thing I loved about the Krystellie website was the opportunity to get your hair colour matched before purchasing from them, ensuring that the extentions or weaves you bought from the brand all matched your natural hair colour and looked like your own hair, perfect for a beginner like me that would have struggled to match my hair with the colours online. Once my colour was chosen (I was shade Chocolate Brown) it was time to select the extentions....
The first extentions I decided to try were the 'Premium 20" One Piece Clip In', a long naturally wavy piece that I thought would be great for some added length and thickness. I also really struggle to get natural waves in my hair so thought this would be brilliant for a change of texture too if I felt like changing my normal look up a little...
Firstly, the quality of the extentions really impressed me, it was thick and full and blended perfectly with my own hair. The extentions also had an easy clasp mechanism at the roots making it super simple to attach and even for someone with little experience like myself, I had no problems getting the piece in place. Their were 4 clasps along the roots that were simple and easy to use, only needing to be snapped into place.
Once the hair was in place, I realised thst as much as I loved the extentions and extra length and body, it was just a little too much hair for me. I have quite a small face and I felt like my face was drowning in hair. Therefore I decided to try a different style by taking the sides and clasping them back. By doing this, it completely changed the look. It was much better for me personally and wasn't covering my face anymore. Of course this comes down to reference, and the great thing about this hair piece is that you can experiment with different looks to discover what looks better on you!
 I will definitely be wearing this hair piece again, I absolutely love how easy it it to use and how it can make a simple look much more dramatic with no effort. It comes in so many shades too making it easy to find a shade to match your own locks!
To check out this exact piece, click HERE
The next piece I decided to try was something a little different, a 'Fishtail Pony Hair Piece'. I love ponytails, however my natural hair is that awkward length where it isn't quite long enough to pleat, so I was really excited to try this out. I do naturally have very hick hair, so I decided to instead of putting the pleat on the top of my head, to try a low side pleat, something I would be wearing more often anyways....
Again, the clasp mechanism was simple and easy to use. I put my hair in a tight bun, and placed the pony fastening over my hair, clipping round the edge using the snap in clasps, then tightening into place using the drawstring, helping to keep the extention in place. It was super simple to use and within seconds I had a long beautiful fishtail pleat!

 I absolutely loved the finished look. It was super sleek and perfect for any event. I also can't wait to try twisting this pleat into a bun too to see how it would look! Definitely something I will be trying in the future!
Again, the weight of this pony shows how good quality it is and feels a very high standard when it is in, all while looking natural and blending with my own hair perfectly! If you are wanting to give this a go, the you can find the product by clicking HERE

So how was my first hair extention experience? I need to say I have been left very impressed! Both the extention I tried matched my hair perfectly and were easy and simple to use and attach to my hair. It feels extremely unusual to have such long hair again but I absolutely love it and cannot wait to rock these extentions, especially with Spring/Summer on its way...
If you are wanting to give these extentions a go, then check out
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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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Massive thank you to Krystellie Fashion for letting me review the hair extentions that are on offer. Although I was gifted the products featured, all opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way


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