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So I have been extremely lucky over the past few years to get quite a lot of travel into my spare time and go on plenty of holidays. Whether it is a regular go to holiday destination, or somewhere new, I love to explore and go different places to experience not only different ways of life, but to relax and unwind somewhere new.

I have definitely discovered a few favourites over the years and thought it would be nice to order my favourites from over the years to discover my favourite place I have ever been! I cannot wait to travel more in the future but for now these are my absolute favourites!


5. Benidorm

I have mentioned Benidorm pretty heaily here on my blog and it has also featured in many of my posts, including one just a few weeks ago, nevertheless their is good reason it is featured so ofen. It really is beautiful and has some exceptional views, as well as plenty of nightlife, shows, bars and restaurants. It also features one beautiful beach, perfect for a day in the Spanish sun, perfect for unwinding after a night on the town!

4. Manchester

Although I was only in Manchester for a short time, I really fell in love with the city and would love to be able to go back one day! I went to visit the Christmas markets, so the city centre was full of hustle and bustle and it made for a  great atmosphere! It really was a beautiful city and the people were amazingly friendly, nothing was a problem to anyone.

The city is the perfect place for some shopping, it really has everything from budget friendly stores to some amazing designer stores... and everything in between. It is somewhere I have fallen in love with and cannot wait to go back one day, even if it is for another short break! 

3. Mallorca

When I visited Mallorca last year Ii wasn't expecting much, however we stayed in an area called Callas De Mallorca and it was stunning. Very quaint and not a victim of becoming a tourist area just yet, it had gorgeous views of the sea, beautiful walkways and a small little set of shops and bars just up the road, if you felt like venturing out for the night.

It also allowed me to try some things I never thought I would do, I tried scuba diving for the first time which was surreal and also managed to get a bus into the recent of Palma and visit the cathedral.. a beautiful bit of history not to be missed!

2. Kos

I fell in love with Kos when I visited it last year, it is absolutely stunning and full of history. It hasn't succumbed to the tourists yet and still retains a lot of its classic Greek culture. With plenty of shops, restaurants and bars right on the water front it is great to relax and take in the views. 

With plenty of small beaches too, and regular boats that take you out to the waters for the day (and for super cheap) it is a great way to top up the tan and chill out! I also fell in love with the cats that roamed around the front, perfect for a cuddle in the sun!


Of course my no.1 holiday has to be Disneyworld Orlando, 2 years ago! Being the Disney fanatic I am I knew this would be a dream for me and it really didn't disappoint. It really was as magical as people say. Full of things for both kids and adults alike, as well as some bards, restaurants and plenty of places to relax I really loved my 2 weeks here and was gutted the day I left!

We were so busy when we came here however I was so excited to be here after so many years of dreaming that it never tired me, I was always running on adrenaline I think! This is a definite must do for anyone who loves Disney as much as me...


I really could keep going and name many more places, however I really fell in love with my top 5! I can't wait until a few years from now to see what gets added to the list, or if it still stays the same after all that time.. who knows?

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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