An evening with Mecca Bingo & Jake Quickenden...

I have always been a huge fan of the Bingo, whether it is a fun game at the arcades, or online. However as much as I have wanted to go to a bingo hall, I have never had the chance. Therefore when I was invited by Mecca Bingo to attend the Drumchapel halls and get the chance to play a few games, then watch Jake Quickenden afterwards, I really couldn't say no....

I was actually quite nervous before attending, as much as I was excited to go, I had always heard that they were quite fast and most people who attended were professionals. However I was plesently surprised when I arrived and the lovely Charlotte sat us down. Their was such a mix of groups, from the elderly, to the young.... from single people to big groups, their really was a huge range of players, which made me feel a little better already. 

The hall was absolutely huge, so absolutely no problem finding a space too, especially with it being quite a busy night of playing! Charlotte, who was looking after us that night explained the rules and how to play and we were left too it. For me however food was a priority and I ordered a hotdog and a bottle of wine for the table. I was starving, so I dug right in (as you can tell because I was that excited I forgot to take a pic!) It was super affordable and really tasty... I am sure when I return that I will be sampling some more food on the menu.... the platters sounded amazing!

We played many games but never won a thing (I was rubbish!) I was amazed at how quickly I picked it up and got the hang of things. Their is also £1 during the breaks if you want to keep playing in between the main games too....

Once all the games were complete, it was time for the main show...

A DJ came on for about 30 mins before the main act to get the crowd warmed up and to give everyone a chance to get as close to the stage as possible. We took advantage during this time to order more drinks for the table. 

I was really excited to see Jake Quickenden play.... and by the sound of everyone else in the room I wasn't the only one. They had also done a raffle for a bunch of people to meet Jake too, and although I wasn't successful it was so nice to see all the people who had been picked get so excited!

Jake was on for about 30 mins and sang a range of songs, which everyone was joining in with, making for a great atmosphere! It really was an incredible night and for someone who had no idea what the night was going to have in store... I can honestly say I cannot wait to go back in the future!


Massive thank you to those at the Mecca Drumchapel who gave me the amazing opportunity to visit and blog about the experience. If you are unsure about going, I would definately recommend you give it a go, I had an ansolute blast and I would love to go back again for another event night like this one!

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