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Its that time of the year again where we are digging out our summer clothes to get ready for the summer months that are soon approaching. Here in the UK, we have already been pretty lucky and had quite a good few weeks of weather, which means one thing... it's time to dig out the razors!

I love the feeling of silky smooth legs this time of year and it gives me so much confidence when wearing my collection of summer dresses and shorts! Unfortunately, I do often get razor burn and get quite dry skin when I shave, as my skin is quite sensitive. So when I cam across the FFS subscription service, I was so intrigued to give it a go to see if it would work....


So what is Friction Free Shaving?

So if you are new to the whole razor subscription thing, let me summarise it for you. It is a monthly subscription that allows you to get razor blades and skincare products delivered straight to your door for a very good price, and is much better value for money than a lot of the high street ranges. This not only saves you money, but ensures that your skin is well looked after. You are sent a bunch of new blades monthly, allowing you to change them regularly, something a lot of us girls are guilty of, which then ensures our skin is kept in tip top condition!

You can also get some creams and lotions sent monthly too if you need it, but of course this really depends on how quickly you get through a bottle of product! It is the best way to ensure not only you have super silky legs, but healthy moisturised skin too...

With your first order, you can pick a razor handle, to which their are a couple of options and colours, however as I am a huge fan of rose gold, their really was no competition for me. I continued with my order and also picked up the shaving cream too (I was really intrigued to give it a go as I had heard great reviews about it)
I also paid an extra £5 to get the handle personalised... something I really didn't need to do but I love getting things engraved so I couldn't resist and go my initials 'NC' marked into the handle...

I was super impressed when I got my box through. Everything was so well packaged and everything looked so luxurious, I couldn't wait to get in the shower and try my new razor! 

The handle had a very good weight to it and didn't feel cheap in any way. It also comes with a rubber underside to hep with grip when being used, something I appreciated massively when I was soaked in the shower....

The box came with my handle, my bottle of Shaving Cream, a razor cover, some useful leaflets and my 4 razor heads, one new razor head per week of the month. The razors come with 6 blades ensuring you get a super close shave and helping to minimise nicks and cuts. They clip on easily and leave your skin super smooth for much longer, great if you have dark hair like myself.
The razor heads also matched the handle, a nice little touch that made this product even better value for money! 

I do suffer pretty bad razor burn when I shave and one of the main reasons for it is I don't replace the head often enough (I know I am not the only one that can admit this), so the weekly razor heads was one of the main selling points for me. It has been so beneficial and helped reduce dragging on my skin, my legs have honestly never been in such good condition!


I also fell in love with the shaving cream that FFS offered. I normally use a shaving gel, or simply conditioner but this feels much more soothing and moisturising for my very dry skin and I an definitely feel the results already, even after just a few uses. A little goes a long way and I can see why this is a very popular product with FFS, it has definitely replaced all my old products in my shower!

I will say their is also a moisturiser and a scrubs available too, however I haven't got round to trying these out yet... I am sure it will just be a matter of time before they are added to my skincare routine!

So would I recommend?

Absolutely! My shaving routine has completely changed, I actually look forward to shaving now, where as before it really was a burden. The products are high quality and great value for money... perfect for fellow shavers like myself!

The box also comes with some leaflets full of information that can help you learn a little more about the brand and how it works. The regular subscription is perfect to ensure you actually do change your blades often as it means you won't forget or get lazy, and the subscription can be changed at any time if you need to increase or decrease any of you supplies. 

The ability to completely take control of your subscription for your needs is amazing and will be a huge selling point for many other girls like me!


You can learn more about Friction Free Shaving by heading to their website which can be found over at https://www.ffs.co.uk/

Have you tried out the FFS subscription service? What's your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below...

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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