My new must have Foundation - E.L.F Flawless Foundation Review

One of my must have make up pieces I cannot live without in my make up bag is a good staple foundation. I don't struggle with acne as such, however I have quite uneven skin and needs something just to smooth out my skin a little and give it a little boost.

I always like to try new foundations so when I saw the my local Superdrug had decided to introduce an E.L.F stall to their beauty section, I couldn't resist trying out their foundation to see if it would be beneficial for my skin......

So the foundation set me back £9 which I thought was very reasonable for a bottle of E.L.F foundation, considering I normally pay anything p to £15 for some high street make up products. The packaging is nothing fancy, however very sleek with a glass, opaque bottle and black lid. Honestly I think the foundation does look much more than £9... it has a very Chanel vibe to it, which I love!

I also massively appreciate the pump as it makes it so much easier to use and means much less waste.... why after all these years their is still some foundation that don't come with any sort of pump is something I don't understand, and I am sure all us make up lovers can agree that it really does make a difference to a product. Nevertheless it is easy to use and means minimal wastage which is great!

So I went for the shade 'Porcelain' as this seemed to match me in the shop, however I was anxious to try this at home as I often find some shop lighting can be deceiving and make matching colours very difficult. However when I tried the foundation out at home I wasn't disappointed and the colour matched perfectly. It has a medium to high coverage in my opinion and blends well into the skin, providing me with even smoother skin without being to cakey or thick.

The foundation was a good consistency too, it had some hold so it didn't move about on your skin, however was creamy enough to be blended well and to provide the coverage you need. I find the consistency of a foundation can be make or break to whether I like it or not and it really has put me off a lot of brands in the past. This one however I love and it has already taken over as my everyday foundation.

So as I said it is now my staple foundation in my make up bag and for good reason. I have a very busy and crazy job and I am on my feet from start to finish, so I need a foundation that stays put and won't shift throughout the day, or disappear of my skin as the day goes on. Once I apply my foundation, I like to set it with a little powder and setting spray and I know I am good to go for the rest of the day, perfect for others like me who have a very busy lifestyle...


This foundation is a great everyday foundation and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a reliable foundation that can stay in place throughout the day. A little goes a long way with the E.L.F flawless foundation, which means it is great value for money and helps cover my skin perfectly, massively reducing any redness or dark patches I have on my face.

If you are looking to give the E.L.F Flawless Foundation a go, you can buy it over at Superdrug HERE where it is down to only £7.50... BARGAIN!

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