The Legacy Co. Oval Brush Set - First Impressions

So let's face it, any make up lover will have no doubt either tried or collected their own set of Oval Make Up brushes. They have definitely became much more popular over the last few years and have became a very popular way of applying flawless and smooth looking make up. I have tried the odd brush here or there, I have been lucky enough to be sent a couple over the last few years of blogging. Nevertheless, I decided to treat myself to a full set and complete my brush collection in style.

I decided to try the collection from Legacy Co. an online company with a range of beauty and fashion pieces. They had this gorgeous Rose Gold/Copper set for a bargain of a price and couldn't resist giving it a go to see if it was any good. Here's how I got on....

The whole set comes with 10 different brushed in a range of sizes and shapes to ensure you have a brush for any type of make up and for any look! I instantly fell in love with them when I receive them, they looked much better quality than I would have hoped for for the price and felt sturdy and secure to use. I really did appreciate the handy easy grip handle to ensure I got the best out of using these brushes and they weren't moving about when I applied my make up. 

The handles themselves felt very strong too, something I appreciated as I had noticed in some previous brushes I have used, they felt quite flimsy and easy to break. 

Let's talk about the brush itself! It really was impressive and was very full, providing a good flawless finish on the skin and making my face look amazing. The brush seems sturdy too and Ii doubt their will be any risk of fall out or breakage, perfect if like me you use your brushes to death!

I have already used these a couple of times (however gave them a clean for the purpose of this post) and they are very easy to maintain and keep in good condition. They clean easy and stay in shape, something I find is a problem in a lot of poor quality brushes...


So to summarize, I am very impressed! For a make up brush set that is under £20, these brushes provide great quality and really are a bargain compared to a lot of the overpriced sets that are out there...

If you want to purchase your own set, head over to LEGACY CO. today!

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