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So I recently celebrated my 24th Birthday and can honestly say I have been well and truly spoiled, having been given plenty of goodies to keep me going! I also decided to treat myself to some new Soap & Glory bits too, because it's goo to treat yourself every now and again! 

As you will all know I am a huge fan of the Soap & Glory range, so couldn't resist picking myself up some new products to try. However one that has really stood out for me over the past month has to be the 'Righteous Butter Cream Body Wash'

This is basically a 3 in 1 product that claims to cleanse, moisturise and protect when shaving too! I have seen a lot of these products hitting the shelves over the past few years so was intrigued to see if this would do what it actually says on the packaging! Of course the scent is to die for, the classic S&G scent is something you can't go wrong with so I was already smelling this constantly before I even tried the product!

The products itself is nice and thick, perfect for getting a goof lather and ensuring your skin is left squeaky clean. It doesn't feel dry to use and my skin really feels moisturised when I am cleaning my body, perfect for people who suffer from dry skin at this time of year (or like me who struggles with dry skin all year round)!

The one think I was a little sceptical about was the 'shave' claim. I have tried to use creamy moisturisers in the past as a shave balm and I haven't seen much success, nevertheless I wanted to see if this was any different. I can honestly say this worked AMAZINGLY! I was left amazed at how soft and smooth my legs were and I never had any bumps or cuts from the razor, which is a huge problem for me if I don't use a good product beforehand on my skin. It helps save you a lot of time in the shower, especially if you are just doing a quick shave! 

The formula does contain oils too, which help keep the skin even more moisturised when shaving... Perfect!

A bottle of this product contains 250ml of product, so you get a substantial amount of body wash for under £10. And seriously, a little goes a very long way! I still have about 3/4 of the bottle left and have had the body wash now for about a month, great if you are looking for a decent product that offers great moisture but won't set you back too much money! 


If you are looking for a great everyday body wash, that does it all, then this is definitely the product for you. It is great for shaving and leaves your skin moisturised, smooth and of course super clean! The smell is incredible and leaves you smelling fab too!

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