The Smear.....

The Smear Test? Every womens worst nightmare! 

However why has something that is so necessary and potentially life saving for most women became such a daunting experience? Especially for newbies, booking a smear test is often the last thing on their mind, and certainly another one of those "i'll do it later" tasks that we never actually get round to doing. It can often be seen as being an embarrasing experience and an awkward situation, whoch is often the main reason why women are put of getting a Smear test booked.

I was definitely one of these woman who really didn't want to get the test done, however eventually got the bottle to just book it and get it sorted. At the end of the day, it can detect the early stages of something that could potentially be life threatening. It was no where near as terrifying as I thought it would be, and within seconds the test was complete, with no issues at all! It really is something that all women should be making priority in their life and taking much more seriously... sadly many women don't!

Only 75% of women attend their smears annually on aaverage, meaning thousands of woman are missing out and potentially putting themselves of risk. Unfortunately these numbers don't look like they are going to change, however if we can raise awareness of the importance of gtting the test donw, and how professional our nurses are, then hopefully one of these days, we can see these numbers improving....

So what is a Smear Test?

A smear test is a procedure where a woman is swabbed for cells and they are then checked for the early signs of cervical cancer. This is done by scraping for cells within the cervix, which are then tested to show any changes in the cells, that could then progress onto cancer in the future. The test is not painful for most woman, only a slight discomfort for most and the whole appointment normally won't last any more than 5 minutes (with the test itself only lasting 20-30 seconds)

Most peoples tests come back clear, however some woman will be called back if their are any small changes in these cells. However it is important to remember that not all these changes are cancer related and will often return to normal on their own. 


This video from the NHS is a great description of what is involved in a Smear test and what you can expect with the experience. 


If you are sitting reading this, with your appointment letter sitting untouched, then make sure you get phoning to make that appointment as soon as you can! It really is nothing to be embarrassed about, most woman have gone though it, and the nurses are so used to carrying out the procedure they will help put you at ease. 

I'd love to hear your experiences and hopefully we can crash the taboo that surrounds the cervical screening tests to ensure every women gets their test done!

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