My Day at Universal...

So of course when I went on holiday to Disney, I couldn't have missed out on a wee day trip to Universal! Universal Studios is another one of my favourite parks in Florida and I couldn't have traveled to America without paying it a visit while I was there!

As much as I love the whole of Universal, I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so this was where we spent most of our day, however we did go a wander too and try a lot of the rides while we were there too.... I just can't resist a good roller coaster! As I said, we did only have one day planned at Universal, so we treated ourselves to Unlimited Express passes, which meant we could skip the queues and get to the front of every ride anywhere in the park (a SUPER time saver if you are limited for time!)

Where do I start with Harry Potter World? It is like my home away from home! We had an amazing time walking round Diagon Alley and visiting Hogwarts, drinking all the Butter beer and casting spells wherever we went! We managed to take in quite a lot of the park without it being too busy as their wasn't nearly as many people as we though their would have been, so we managed to get some great picture opportunities and spent some time sitting taking in the views too, without it being to crowded!

One of my favourite things in Harry Potter world is defo the Butter beer, I had a couple of cups during my visit as I just love it! My favourite is the frozen one, and would absolutely recommend it if you are wanting to live out your witch or wizard dreams!

Now, I do love my Disney, however if you are a thrill seeker like me, I think Universal just had the egde when it comes to adrenaline rush rides! With rides like 'Rip Ride Rockit', 'The Hulk Roller coaster' and 'The Mummy', their is plenty to keep you entertained. In Islands of adventure, their is a lot of great activities and areas for kids too of all ages, so its easy to find something to keep you happy during your visit! One of my favorites was the Hulk ride, which shoots you out the tunnel at high speed and was a lot of fun!

The day we went to Universal, the park shut at 8pm, which gave us 12 hours to take in as much as we could! Nevertheless, the main entrance to the park opens much later and is filled with restaurants, bars and clubs, to keep your going all night. Sadly, we were shattered by the time the main park shut and were just needing our beds, so never managed to take much of the nightlife in, but it looked incredible and is great for a date night, family mean, or a night of drinks with friends....

I was sad to only get to spend one magical day here in Universal, however absolutely loved my time in one of my favourite parks. It is great for everyone, with a perfect balance of fun, leisure and thrill...
I already miss Universal, I think it is a great way to spend a day in Florida. Their is plenty of entertainment as you walk around and characters just like to often stroll around too, perfect for some brilliant pictures!

I would recommend the Express passes if you are going to be going on a lot of rides, and also if it is during peak times, like middle of summer, or weekends, where the crowd get busier and the queues are longer. They are pretty pricey, but means you can get a lot more done when you are in the parks.


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