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I honestly hate not having my nails done. I always feel I am more put together with a little sparkle or colour on my nails and love treating myself and getting creative with different patterns. Nevertheless, I tend to shy away from any polish that isn't Gels or Acrylics. With my job and other day to day tasks, my nails are so prone to chipping and Gel polish became a must have in my life.

I have reviewed All that Jazz before here on my site, and I was super impressed with how well the range lasted, and how beautiful and vibrant the colours were, so I couldn't resist when I was given the chance to review their latest range, 'The Designer Collection'! I wanted to give this range a proper review to see how it would last, and I can honestly say, I was not let down!

The range contains 4 gorgeous autumnal colours, including one silver sparkle polish too, perfect as we get closer to Christmas. The colour Coco, a beautiful dark velvet red colour, with a slight shimmer I have to say is my favourite, although I will say, it is difficult to pick just one as a favourite! It is perfect for Autumn and Winter and the subtle shimmer/metallic texture is perfect for all the festivities of Christmas (I think this shade mixed with the silver glitter 'Betsey' would be stunning)

The nude colour is a great everyday shade, which can be used day to day for work for a professional look, or jazzed up by being mixed with the other shades and glitter to create something more fun. I honestly think a basic staple nude shade is essential in every woman's nail collection, you really can't go wrong and it goes with everything!

Of course, you can never have too much sparkle either, so a good glitter polish that can be either worn on its own, or painted on top of a colour is a must! I love this silver polish and it really is full of sparkle, so no more applying layer after layer trying to get coverage! A great must have for Christmas time. 

Of course as I said earlier, this gorgeous red colour is beautiful and looks amazing on! I have wore this colour a few times and I absolute love it on, it is perfect for this time of year. Red shades are some of my favourites personally for me to wear, I think they suit me the best so this is going to be very well used over the next few months!

Lastly, this blue/purple shade is a gorgeous colour for those frosty days in Winter. It is very unusual, and was the colour I thought I would wear the least, however I think it is stunning on, and with a bit of glitter, I think it would look amazing. I love the fact that this collection has helped me discover a new shade that I would normally not go for, but I truly love this colour and cannot wait to wear it this season!

So compared to my Gels, how do these compare?

I was amazed at how full of colour these were and literally only needed one coat of product to get a good pop of colour and sparkle, saving you on product and ensuring you aren't wasting your product by layering layer after layer of polish on! Another thing I was amazed by was how long the polish lasted! 
I got a good week out of the polish before it started to slightly chip at the corners, and considering I work in a care role and I am always using my hands, I was super impressed! I will definitely be using these polishes again to quickly add a pop of colour to my nails, without the time and damage that Gels cause!

I have now tried 2 collections from the All That Jazz  brand and both have been equally amazing! Neither have let me down and I have loved how both have turned out! I love giving my nails a break from the stress of Gels and with how amazing and long lasting these polishes are, my nails have become healthier and stronger too.....


If you are interested in trying this collection out, why not head over to where you can purchase your own set of polishes... I would highly recommend!

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