Italian Grill Dundee - Review

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is to eat out and try out new food! Visiting different restaurants is such a good way to try something you wouldn't have tried before and to discover some new favorites. One of my favourite types of cuisine is Italian, I am a huger Pizza and Pasta fan, so when Italian Grill in Dundee gave me the opportunity to try out some of their menu, I couldn't resist!

We decided to make a day of it, as we had to get the train through to Dundee, so we had been a bit of shopping and walked quite a bit before out booking, when meant we were starving and super excited to see what they had on offer! The restaurant was located right in the centre of Dundee, just off the high street, so  we didn't have far to walk, which was great as it was the usual Scottish weather, windy and cold...


Their was plenty of options on offer and a good range of dishes to cater for all dietary requirements, so their was something for everyone! We ordered our drinks, we went for a bottle of the 'FERGHETTINA ROSE', which really was so beautiful!

For starters we had the 'Confift duck leg rillette' and the 'Aberdeen Angus beef carpaccio'. They were so well presented and looked beautiful... and trust me, they tasted amazing. The duck leg rillette was super tasty and a great texture, it went brilliantly with the brioche! The Beef was so tender and wasn't too overpowering with the flavourings. It was the perfect starter just to get going with, and I couldn't wait for the mains to arrive so I could get my pasta fix!

'Aberdeen Angus beef carpaccio'
'Confif|t duck leg rillette'

Now for the mains! This was my favourite part and trust me, it was difficult to just pick one! After much deliberation, I went for the Cannelloni, with Spinach and Mushroom! It was as good as it sounded on the menu, super creamy and tasted amazing! It also came with a side of rocket salad, which was perfect for me as the pasta was very filling, so it was nice to have something a little lighter on the side to balance the meal. We also got a crab Risotto, which smelt amazing and looked incredible. It tasted fantastic and had lots of crab in it to satisfy any fish lover out there! I definitely know what I  want next time I return, their were so many options on the menu that I wanted to try... I would love to try one of their pizzas and see what they are like next time I think!

'Crab Risotto'

Seeing as I have a sweet tooth, there's no surprise that desert is my favourite part of any meal! I already picked what I wanted before I got to the restaurant, the 'Nutella filled mini Doughnuts'. They came with a bitter chocolate sauce and raspberries and really were amazing! Doughnuts, and chocolate in one dish to me is a dream and it really didn't let me down! They tasted great, although I was so impatient and nearly burned my hand on the Nutella... I just got too excited!

We also went for an Italian classic, a 'Creme Brulee' with gingerbread shortbread. It was really tasty and I loved the shortbread, it went with the Creme Brulee really went and was the perfect addition to the desert! Would definitely recommend if you want to go for a true Italian pudding!

'Nutella Mini Filled Doughnuts'
'Creme Brulee with Gingerbread Shortbread'

The restaurant itself really is stunning, and the whole time we were there, the place had a great atmosphere and was full of people! Their was also a section at the back that was separate that could be booked for a bigger party, great for a special event that ensures you would have your own area... which is a nice touch! The view onto the square is great and would be lovely in the warmer months, especially when the outdoor seating can be used! 

I was really impressed with thew restaurant and don't think there was anything I wouldn't change or need to complain about. The food was well proportioned and tasty, without being too filling or heavy. The environment was lovely and warming, and very relaxing perfect whether on a date, out with friends or having a family gathering!

I would definitely recommend this restaurant! I cannot wait to go back at some point and devour some more food, especially their mains... there's a few I certainly have my eyes on...

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