Staying Fresh this New Year...

So the new year is upon us and I cannot believe that 2018 is over! All the Christmas madness is over and the time has come to get back to reality and back to a routine... well for me anyways!

I do love the whole festive celebrations but I always feel its a stressful and often exhausting time, you really don't stop! Especially this year, with moving house it has been even more manic than normal and I cannot wait to unwind a little this New Years! One thing that I have been using over the course of the festivities and will be continuing to use throughout 2019 is the new Nivea deodorant antiperspirants, in order to stay confident and fresh, despite being so busy...

Nivea are very popular for their range of deodorants to suit any of your needs, and I have always been a lover of their ranges, however this 0% Aluminium antiperspirant spray has been a life saver and has helped me feel more confident and fresher, while running around like a headless chicken throughout the holidays!

With a range of scents too, from fruity, to classic freshness and my favorite, the floral... each of which works equally as well, you can pick your favorite scent to keep you going for up to 48 hour protection... perfect!

And, it dries super quick too, so no more awkward standing around, waiting for your deodorant to dry to ensure you don't stain your clothes! Perfect for any women on the go...

If you have a super busy lifestyle, and feel you are often struggling to get a minute to yourself... this is a great way to feel confident that you will stay dry and fresh all day... no more worrying about sweat marks or stains again!

Nivea as a brand has always been a favorite of mines and will continue to be a go to skincare brand that I love. Their range of deodorants and antiperspirant sprays are great quality too and are kind to your skin, all while being extremely effective too! Let me know below what you think? Have you got a go to Nivea product that you love?

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