Ginfall Event 2019!

I do love me a good drinking event, and when I had the chance to go back to one of my favourites last week, I couldn't day no! Ginfall is a gin festival hosted by Social and Cocktail which brings together different distillers from around the world in one room, allowing you to sample and try some new types of gins and liquors that you might have never tried or heard of before, perfect for discovering something new..

As I said, I have visited a Ginfall event before, as I was lucky enough to be invited to the Pollockshield event last March. I was also invited along to their Christmas event, however couldn't make it so when I noticed that the event was visiting Helensburgh, I knew I had to go along! 


So our first post of call after arrival was to head straight to the bar for our complimentary welcome cocktail. We battled the bad weather and were soaked by the time we got to Victoria Halls, where the event was being held, so a little gin cocktail sounded fantastic...

It really was amazing, and the perfect way to start the afternoon. I also had a sneaky peak at their menu for the afternoon, where all the Gin cocktails were £7 and the Rum Cocktails were £5. Their was a great selection and a lot of seating so you were able to relax and unwind if you needed a break from sampling all the Gins. The seating area was also accompanied by a singer to add some entertainment too. 

After out welcome drink, we had to try out one of the Gin infused cupcakes, which were calling my name. They were amazing and were super tasty... being someone with a sweet tooth, I couldn't fault anything about them!

We eventually started to walk around the main room and were ready to try out all the different Gins. My god was their a lot to choose from! We started working our way around the hall, going from stall to stall and couln't believe the variety of Gins their were. I tried them all, and definitely founds some favourites!

The Riverside Spirits had a great range of Gin Liqueurs and I absolutely loved them. I picked up some minatures from them last year, so this year decided to treat myself to a full bottle of their Violet Shimmer Gin, which honestly tasted amazing!


They also had a Perth Gin, Darnleys Gin and a great Pink Gin for anyone who can't get enough pink gin in their lives! I loved to sample them straight, then try them with the recommended mixtures, whether Ginger Ale, Tonic, or Prosecco... it really does change the taste of each gin!

After much Gin tasting, we decided to take respite back up at the bar and try a rum cocktail. They had a gorgeous craft stall full of vases and lights that had all been handmade from bottles if you wanted to purchase something a little more special to remember your visit. I thought this was a great idea and loved the concept, they really were beautiful!

We relaxed with the singer for a while before heading back down for round 2! The cocktails were really nice and full of flavour, which I found really helped cleanse the pallet ready for trying more spirits!

Pilgrims Gin was another favourite of mines, they tasted amazing and would make the perfect summer beverage! We also tried the Kings Hill Gin, which was another favourite of mines, they even created a minature cocktail for us to try using their brewed gin, it was incredible and everyone was loving it!

We also got to try some Whiskies too thanks to The Loch Fyne stand and for someone who doesn't like Whisky, they were amazing and tasted incredible! It was a good way to try something completely different.

This years Gin event had a Tiki Rum room, which I was desperate to try! It was smaller but had its own small bar and several small stands of different styles of Rum, including Coffee and Satsuma (both of which were ACE!) It was the perfect place to go to try something different or just to simply split up your day with some different spirits!

It was a nice way to end the day and try something a little different before heading home to recover from the alchohol binge!


So, I can definately confirm that I will be back, it is starting to become a little bit of a tradition and something I really look forward to attending! It has grown so much since last year which just shows how popular it has become!

It really is great value for money and great for sampling new things you might have never tried or heard of before, I have certainly came away with some favourites I never would have dreamed of trying! And with their being an afternoon and evening session, you can attend at what time suits you... perfect!

I would definitely recommend attending Ginfall next time it comes to you, it is on at several times throughout the year at different locations so keep an eye out!

If you would like to see how I got on at last years event, head over to my post HERE


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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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Massive thanks to Damien and the Social and Cocktail team for allowing me to come along again to feature the event on my blog! I was invited along free of charge however all opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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