Pamper your mum this Mothers Day with #NIVEAMums

Who doesn't love a little pampering in their lives? One of my favourite things I love to do when I am feeling a little rough or in need of a little TLC is to sit with some of my favourite products and treat my skin to some goodness to keep it plump and healthy! It's something I always used to do with my mum before I moved house, as we both liked to spend some time together to treat our skin. Thanks to Nivea, I have picked some brilliant beauty items from Nivea that all mums I think would love at mothers day... Nivea offer so many varieties of beauty and skin products that are perfect for treating yourself or someone special in your life! These are just a few of my favourites;


You definitely cannot beat a classic good face moisturiser in your beauty collection, and I think this one from Nivea is a great shout for more mature skin!

Niveas Hylauron Celluar Filler Day Cream is a great option for all mums out there. The special and unique formula is perfect for keeping the skin youthful and strong, but also works brilliantly for all those mums with sensitive skin too! I know my mum loves this moisturiser, and with some added SPF, it is the perfect summer moisturiser, keeping the skin safe from any harmful rays and protected!

I think a good facial moisturiser is something that every mum would love and really can't go wrong with, especially one that works as well as this does! 


For the mum who loves her make up, but want's her skin to still look natural and smooth, the Nivea Q10 Anti Age 3 in 1 Radiance BB Cushion. Its a great way to add some coverage and smooth out the skin while remaining light and flawless...

This is a great everyday product that can be put in your make up bag and used whether it is just a quick touch up to even out the skin, or used all over the face like a moisturiser to cover any lines or dark areas. It is also buildable, so brilliant at ensuring your skin doesn't look cakey or become too coated in make up, and great for all mums out there as a fail proof make up piece!

Unfortunately, my mum is much more tanned than I am, so I know this would be far too pale for her (envious, I know!), however I am sure I can give this to someone as a gift and they will love it this mothers day...


Lastly, to ensure the skin is clean of any make up or dirt built up from the day, a good make up remover is essential, and I know these make up wipes will do the trick!

The Nivea Professional Make up Remover wipes are a great way to clean the skin after a long day and remove any make up residue, without being harsh to the skin and keeping your face moisturised and healthy. The wipes have a unique formula to protect your lashes too, so you can remove that stubborn mascara without hurting or irritating your eyes, something I find I have issues with with a lot of other brands, especially due to my skin being quite sensitive.

I think these are one of the best brands of make up wipes I have used. Their is a big stigma around wipes that they aren't as good for your skin as bottles of product or other products, however I think these are great at doing what it says... removing even stubborn make up gently and carefully.


So how are you spending mothers day this year? If you are struggling for ideas, why not get yourself some beauty bits and have a girls day in! Thanks to Nivea, it is easier than ever and super affordable too!

To check out the whole Nivea range, head over to their website HERE! Their really is something for everyone...

Thank you to Nivea for the products to feature here on my blog. Although I was gifted the items featured, all opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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