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Something I always have a problem with is cold hands. Like it could be the middle of the summer and yet my hands will still be like ice. So when I had the chance to review these writing gloves from Literary Book Gifts, I couldn't resist... I knew they would be perfect for me!

Literary Book Gifts have all sort of products for writers and readers alike, but I knew their gloves would be the perfect thing for my cold hands, especially when I am writing up ideas for blog posts or typing and editing. I couldn't resist giving them a go.....


So yes, they are writing gloves, but I definitely use them for more than writing. I do a lot of work on the computer and find they are great for keeping my hands warm while I do what I need to do, whether it is editing a picture, or typing up a post like this one. I am also currently undergoing an online photography course, and they have been great for scribbling down notes and typing them back up again! Not to mention I have also been using them while taking my photos too... I wasn't kidding when I said my hands were always cold....

When it came to picking a pair, I was struggling to pick what colour I wanted, their was such a huge range to pick from and I couldn't decide. In the end I went for this pretty light grey colour, as it is one of my favourite colours. Nevertheless, they do have all the colours under the sun, so if grey isn't your thing, their will be a colour there to suit your personality!

I can't express how much these gloves have benefited me even in the short time I have owned them. I love the fact they are cashmere, they feel much more luxurious and high quality than a standard pair of shop bought gloves, and they are just the right size to keep my palms and fingers warm without restricting them when I am working. I would definitely recommend picking up a pair if you use your hands a lot for writing, typing or just in usual day to day tasks... they have helped keep my hands cosy and protected when I am feeling cold.


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