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So moving out from the family home is such a big step for anyone, no matter who you are. Whether you decide to flock the nest at 16, or 26, it is a big step and while it is exciting, it can make a lot of people nervous and can be pretty daunting. I was both excited but nervous to move out, especially as I was moving a bit further away from home... the fact my parents weren't just going to be 2 minutes away scared me and I was worried I was making a mistake...

Nevertheless I quickly realised I had made a good choice in leaving when I did and I loved having my own place to spend time with my partner. It's now been 6 months and I have never looked back. I've taught myself a lot and surprised myself by how quickly I learned to adapt to change...


1. Managing finances 

I have definitely became much more savvy with managing my money, it is something you need to learn quickly when you move out, with paying for all the household bills etc, if you don't learn quick to control your spending, you'll regret it. I don't splash out as much as I used to when I lived at home, and even if I do buy something, it is only something I actually need, rather than something I want, like clothes. And yes, I do still go out for dinner occasionally and treat myself from time but it's in moderation and only if I can afford it after paying all the essentials. 

Moving in with a partner also means we need to share our finances and we pay for things equally. We always share our weekly shopping bill and ensure that if one of us pays more bills one month, it is balanced out the next month to make it fair. All these things need to be considered when working out how much to spend and I definitely much more responsible with my money now than I was this time last year.

2. Taking Responsibility for chores and house care

Yes, one thing about being in your own place is that you need to be way more responsible for your household chores. I am not going to lie, I probably didn't do as much as I should have when I lived at home, so when I moved out, I thought I would hate doing the house chores, but I actually really enjoy keeping my space clean and tidy. There is something really satisfying about wanting your place to look nice and  I love cleaning it and making sure it is presentable. Again, with a partner in the house, it is definitely something we have had to learn to share, and we ensure that we take turns in managing the chores, but we make it work and balance it really well I think. Don't get me wrong, it took a while to work out what worked, but we got there... it just took a little time to find a balance that worked for us!

3. Yes, you'll phone home a lot when you first leave!

A lot of people think when they leave that's it, their on their own and they'll love it. However their will be a lot of things you'll need help or advice on when you leave that you will never have dealt with before and who do you phone to get that help? HOME! I phoned home a lot when I first moved out and I am sure I asked some stupid questions, but that's normal. It's completely new to you when you are living on your own and you have no experience of being in that situation so having really odd questions about what might seem silly things... they're expected!

I also very quickly missed my parents the first few weeks after I left... it was a completely surreal experience and I didn't like being further away from everyone. I was lucky however as I moved out just before Christmas so I was home a lot over the holidays and saw everyone constantly, but I phoned a lot just for a gab and a catch up. Even now, we try and chat a couple of times a week and meet up regularly and see each other. So don't think when you move out that all contact ends... if anything we try and make more of an effort too see each other now than we did when I was at home... and it is more special to us now when we do see each other!

4. You gain independence 

The first I felt much more independent was when it came to unpacking my boxes when I first moved in. I love house decoration and design pieces so getting to decorate the house and accessorise all my pieces where I wanted them was great. As we are currently renting, we can't do too much with regards to the walls etc, but I have loved decorating the place and adding personal touches to the house to make it our own. You finally have the chance to get creative and decorate the place the way you want, something which I couldn't wait to do. I was gifted a lot of little home pieces over the last few years of blogging and couldn't wait to finally place them and get using them in my own space!

Also, being on your own means running your own errands, which has made me much more independent than when I lived at home. Their is no one there to do all these errands for you so only you can do them, which means you need to take responsibility and gain that Independence you need to do all these little tasks. I would always say I've been pretty independent anyway but definitely much more now I have left home...

5. Moving out isn't as scary as it seems to a lot of people

I know a lot of people are counting down the days to leaving home... it is such an exciting big step for a lot of people. But I am not going to lie, I was super nervous. As I said, I always liked being close to home and having everyone I knew and loved right round the corner. However after about a month of living on my own, I realised I had nothing to be nervous about and was scared for nothing. I quickly loved being in my own place and having that independence. It felt like I was moving miles and miles away, but in reality I knew I could be home in 10-15 minutes if I needed to and I could always pick up the phone or message anyone if I wanted to chat. I loved being somewhere new, I moved out of the town I had grown up in and having a change of scenery to somewhere much more quiet and peaceful really benefited me... I felt much more relaxed and liked being somewhere less busy. You'll know when the time is right to move out and I know when I moved in with my partner, that I was ready.... after just a few weeks I knew I had made the right decision. 

Have you moved out the family home? Let me know what you have learned and how your experience was!

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