An Honest 'eSalon' Review

So I haven't done much with my hair over the past few years and I am always someone who gets used to having the same style and colour. However recently I felt I needed a change. I like my hair length, it is finally getting to a length that I like and it is the healthiest it has been in years, so I decided that a wee change of colour would be a good option. With summer round the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to inject some colour and lightness into my hair, so when I saw eSalon advertised online, I was really intrigued and just had to give it a go...

eSalon is a company that helps create a personalised hair dye for your hair type and texture. It also takes into account what colour you are aiming for to create a one of a kind dye to help you reach your colour goals. Of course I had to give it a go to see if it was going to work just as well as it seemed to be!

So I went on and filled out their little questionnaire and afterwards I picked my ideal colour. I picked an auburn/red colour... something a little different but not too over the top, then just like that, I had my kit through the post within about a fortnight.

I also picked the subscription repeat order option, which means that after a selected period of weeks they will automatically resend your dye to you to ensure you hair colour is always on top form and those roots remain history!

So I was really impressed with the kit when it arrived, it seemed so luxurious and uniquely created for me. I got 2 lots of dye, as it was my first time, to ensure my whole head of hair was given a generous amount of dye, especially great for those with thicker or longer hair! The kit also came with two pairs of protective gloves, an applicator brush and a little essentials kit, including Shampoo, Conditioner, Stain Protector and a Stain Remover wipe for afterwards. I also bought the cape to protect my clothes, but this was an option and you don't have to bother if you already have something that works at home. 

I put my cape on, and mixed one lot of colour with one bottle of the peroxide. You can of course use a bowl but I always find it easier just using the bottle. After a good mix, I sectioned my hair and applied it evenly, starting from the roots and running it right down to the ends of my hair. I made sure that my whole head of hair was covered by using the 2 lots of dye and thoroughly coating every hair.... I didn't want any brown peeking through....

I left the dye in my hair for 30 mins, then it was time to rinse off. I followed the instructions exactly, then used the shampoo and conditioner to ensure every last but of dye was rinsed out and my hair was left super clean and healthy (Sidenote: the shampoo and conditioner sment AMAZING)!

After I got out the shower, I towel dried my hair and used the stain remover wipe around my hairline to remove any stubborn dye that had stained my skin... luckily I hadn't managed to make too much of a mess! The colour was really nice, not too dramatic, and I wouldn't say it matched the picture exact, but considering my hair is quite dark, I wasn't expecting an exact match and think the final result is really impressive, and I love the little pop of colour that the dye has given me!

So, would I recommend? To be honest, it isn't that much different from any shop bought dyes, however I think the packaging and personalised aspect of the product makes it feel a little more luxurious. I also like the fact that they dye is created with you in mind and can be sent it regularly to ensure that your colour remains vibrant and fresh... you really don't need to think about going out to get some more dye, it's all arranged for you and delivered straight to your door!

So yeah, I would recommend! I love it... and my hair feels healthy and damage free, despite the fact I have just dyed it which is great! If you want to try it out, they have an introductory offer on for your first order, so it's a great way to give it a go and see if it is for you...

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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