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So as you are reading this I will be sunning myself in Majrca (Possibly with a drink in hand). This has kinda been a last minute escape so it has came around super quick, but I am so excited for a much needed break, especially after all the health issues over the past few months!

Talking of health this will be my first time travelling with a vestibular disorder and I have been quite anxious in the lead up to travel day as I really don't know how my body will react to the crazy life of the airport. Saying this I decided to go out my way and purchase some wee bits to hopefully help not only if I begin to feel dizzy, but hopefully stop it before it happens too...

These aren't only good for vestibular sufferers, but would also be really good for just anyone who wants to make their flight as comfortable as possible, so keep reading to see what I am taking with me!


My first essential for the flight is a neck pillow. Yes you can get these most places, especially in the summer months, but I wanted to get myself an inflatable one. This was because it could go into my hand luggage, rather than it hanging from my bag and hitting against my body when I am walking. That's the last thing I wanted when I am struggling with my mobility and although this one was only £3 from eBay, it is extremely comfortable and easy to inflate. I know it will be a great addition to making sure I am comfortable during my flight and hopefully stop my neck getting stiff and sore on the plane, something a lit of migraine sufferers have to put up with on a daily basis!

As many of you know, I use a trekking stick when I am out and about to help with my balance and mobility, however many airlines don't allow these in hand luggage as many of these types of sticks actually have a sharp end for trekking in snow etc. I decided to pick up a foldable walking stick that I can keep in my handbag and unfold if and when I need it. I know their is a high chance I will need to use this when walking around the airport because of how busy it will be so I know I will be glad I have it, and considering it was only £4.50 I know I will be thankful for taking this with me.

I also got myself a medical bracelet for the staff at the airport and for the hotel when we arrive, so if I do need help or start to struggle they know exactly what is wrong with me. The chances are it isn't going to need to be used or shown to anyone but it will give me huge peace of mind knowing I have it on me and if anyone asks I can show them on the bracelet, without having to try and explain it! I have got a pretty basic one, but you can splash a little more cash for one a little nicer or sturdier.

As well as taking all my medication in my hand luggage, I am taking some other bits to help incase I can feel a Migraine coming on at any point. I use the Nurofen Migraine relief for any headaches I get and feel it really helps keep the headache at bay and stop it from progressing into something a lot worse. I also like to keep the 4Head stick with me wherever I go. This is a great cooling stick that you can use on your forehead to help give relief from headaches or brain fog. It feels nice and relaxing and is a subtle way to cool you down and give you pain relief without having to take some sort of medication!

A few bits for the plane, I am taking some eye drops and some earplugs, specifically designed to help give relief from ear pressure and ear ache when in flight. I am a contact lens wearer so I do suffer from dry eyes a lot... I basically go everywhere with some eye drops to stop my eyes from getting itchy and drying out too much and I know that this will be essential for my flight. I know I will get good use out of my ear plugs too. These are called Earplanes and are specifically designed for in flight use to reduce ear pressure, which I am hoping will help keep my dizziness and ear pain at easy throughout the flight. I have never actually used these before so looking forward to learning if they are beneficial..... stay tuned to see how I get on in a future post!

And yes, I do have the kids size... I have very small ears and was recommended to pick up the smaller size so they are more comfortable and would fit more snugly in my ears... which hopefully will make them work a little better too!


So yes, this is what I am taking in my hand luggage for my trip to Majorca! I am super anxious about how my body will react to the flight and how I will be feeling, but I know I am super organised and have plenty of things to help me remain comfortable and calm throughout the flight. I have also last minute decided to pick up an eye mask, as my eyes can get extremely sore and uncomfortable when I get a migraine and I often find by letting them rest, it can ease the symptoms. Again, this might not be something I need, but I would rather have it to hand for if I do... nothing wrong with being too organised!

Do you have any recommendations for good hand luggage necessities? Make sure to leave them below!

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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