My Day at Glasgow's Big Feed Street Food Festival

By Nicole Corbett Blog - 11:00

So if you are local to the Glasgow area, then you have probably heard of the Big Feed Festival. It is held in Govan normally every 2 weeks (although sometimes it is weekly), and offers a great chance to try some different cuisines and companies! I have always loved attending, and do so pretty regularly, it is never the same brands every week, so you can try some different types of food each time you go. I will admit, over the times I have visited I have discovered some favourites that I always go back to... I just can't resist the aromatic duck - my mouth is watering at the thought!'

It definitely is worth checking out one weekend... it's great for kids and adults alike, and they are even dog friendly, so you can bring your perfect pooch along and spoil them with the complimentary food and water! I wanted to talk about some of my favourites from experience so if you decide to go, then you'll know what to try!


So my first stall that I have to visit every time I visit Big Feed is a company called Arencini. They offer these delicious rice balls with different fillings, like Haggis and Tomato.. all of which come with a choice of dip! Honestly, these are so simple but super tasty and I always get loads when I visit! My favourite is either the Cheddar or the Tomato.. and of course I have to get the garlic dip! For me it's like heaven and I would definitely recommend!

Next up, I wanted to try something new so I decided to try some veggie gyozas! I do love Gyozas and often get them when I am out so I wanted to see how these would compare and they definitely didn't disappoint. I was really impressed, they tasted really lovely and were the perfect snack size.... I didn't want to fill myself up too much so I could try some more different food!

I loved the fact when I ordered the Gyozas, they offered different toppings and sauces, so you could pick to preference and keep anything you don't like out the equation... perfect for me because I can't stand coriander!


One thing I love doing at the Big Feed is simply wandering around. It is always packed out and theres a brilliant atmosphere, with a large bar, live music and kids entertainment! It isn't a huge place, but it feels welcoming and their is always a great bustle about the place.. I love just walking around and seeing what food and drinks everyone has picked!

I also love my Tapas, so I had to try one of the Tapas dishes! One of my favourites has to be Spanish omelette so when I saw this on their menu, I delved in! All the food was made from scratch fresh in front of you, and the omelette was delish!

It came with a topping od peppers and a side salad... the whole lot was demolished pretty quick!

To finish up, it was desert time, and the Churro place was calling our name. I also decided to get a coffe from the coffee stand. I was driving so I stuck with the hot drinks, but their are plenty of cocktails, beers and spirits if you wanted something alcoholic to go with your food... theres even some coffee cocktails if you wanted to mix it up a little!

Their are plenty of different coffees to choose from, again made fresh! And the Churro place was to die for. We went for the triple chocolate, which came with choccie ice cream, Nutella topping and brownie pieces! Yes they were to die for! We also got some lattes to finish up with, which yes were delish too!

Their is also a Vegan stall at the festival, so no matter what your dietary requirements are, their is something for you! It's also good to know that their is plenty of free parking and entry is only £2 per person, so it's not going to break the bank! Perfect!


I would definitely recommend popping along to the Big Feed for a day out. Their is plenty of different food, great atmosphere, music, kids entertainment, seating and a fully stocked bar... what more could you ask for? It is just the thing if you want something a little different, that isn't going to cost a complete bomb!

Head over to the Big Feed website for more info;

PLEASE NOTE: This post is not sponsored in any way, I just wanted to talk about how much I love it! All comments and opinions are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any way :)

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Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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