My Nivea Favourites - Autumn 2019

So I have always been lucky enough to have worked with Nivea on different campaigns and the reason I love it so much is because I genuinely love Nivea as a skincare brand. I think their products are amazing quality and work great on my sensitive skin! I have discovered some old favourites and some new releases that I now can't live without, however over the years, I have gathered a couple that have became solid favourites in my day to day routine and have became firm favourites!

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So my first must have is a good body wash and I have fallen in love with this Clay Refresh Ginger and Basil scented shower creme. It smells so fresh and clean and is a great way to invigorate the skin and start the day off right. It lathers really well, so a little goes a long way and and it doesn't dry the skin out, like some shower gels on the market.

As I said, I do have quite sensitive skin so I find that gels and soaps can make my skin a little agitated and dry, however this creme cleans the skin and leaves you feeling fresh and vibrant, all while moisturising the skin... perfect for keeping my dry skin in check! It really is a must for your morning shower!

Another product that has quickly became a must have is this Skin Moisturising Moose. Not going to lie, I really wasn't sure what to expect when I got this in the post as I didn't think it would actually be that moisturising. I do tend to use body oils to keep my skin smooth and hydrated so was doubtful this would compare. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised with how well this worked and it is definitely more beneficial as a daily moisturiser than my body oil! 

It smells lovely and fresh, without being too overpowering, again perfect for those with more sensitive skin, or simply who don't like anything too perfumed. The one thing that really sold this to me was how quickly it dried in, you rub it in and within minutes the skin has soaked the moose right up, saving you that awkward drying in time you get with a lot of thicker skin moisturisers. Yes it isn't as hydrating as the likes of body oils, however I have definitely loved having this in my shower routine and it has became a firm favourite. I even took this on holiday with me and it was perfect for lathering on after a day in the sun... my skin really did benefit and didn't feel heavy or oily!

Lastly, you can't beat a good skin moisturiser and this daily essentials face moisturiser is perfect for everyday use. I use this every morning and night to keep my skin in tip top condition and to keep any dry areas at bay. It doesn't leave the skin feeling heavy or oily (there's nothing worse on your face is there?) and dries in instantly, making it the perfect pre make up skin treatment.

Again, like a lot of Nivea products, a little goes a long way... I literally use a pea sized products all over my face and neck and that's enough to feel the benefits. I have tried a few different face moisturisers and I always find myself coming back to this one... it really is my favourite!

Yes, I have plenty more favourites from Nivea, but I of course could only pick a few of course to feature in my favourites! These beauties have been high favourites of mines and have definitely earned their place in my skincare routine!

What are your Nivea must haves? Let me know in the comments below!

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