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There are times in everyone’s life when you need a little help. Often the first signs we notice on the way to burnout are physical symptoms: tiredness or at the opposite end of the spectrum, insomnia but had we paid attention we might have noticed that it was our mental health that took the first hit.

When you’re under stress and feel the weight of the world on your shoulders it’s easy to ignore how you’re feeling, especially when you have a job and a bunch of responsibilities to keep up with...

It's important to know some of the common symptoms of stress and what outside help is available when you find you can no longer help yourself.

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The symptoms of stress can be subtle and manifest themselves as emotional as well as physical signs. You might be unable to sleep, unable to focus on anything or you might find yourself snapping at those closest to you, tearful or given to unexpected flashes of anger. The thing about stress is that is very often linked to one situation or event. Pressure at work, sickness in the family or worry over money.

Stress can even help you to take the action you need to overcome that problem but left unchecked it can escalate and get worse.
You might also misuse alcohol or drugs to cope and if that has become a larger problem then ANA Treatment Centre will help you out in your rehabilitation and help you get to the issues that have caused it.

If you do find unable to cope with the feelings then a trip to your GP is the best thing you can do but outside this there are other ways of coping. Talk to friends, make an action plan where you are able to take small but achievable steps towards eliminating the problem. That might be talking to a money advice charity, talking to HR about the work situation or taking time away from caring from a sick relative and giving yourself a break.



This can manifest itself in similar ways to stress but is harder to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. Anxiety can also trigger changes in behaviour. For example you might feel fearful of going to work or stepping outside your home and feel like hiding away or sleeping excessively.

If you’re trying to deal with anxiety on your own, then start by acknowledging how you feel. Remember that just because you feel something it doesn’t mean it’s true and that these feelings are not serving you any purpose. It may be that your doctor might prescribe you some medication to help you deal with your symptoms and recommend some therapy, such as CBT to help you learn some practical skills for dealing with unhelpful thought patterns and behaviour. 

Don’t suffer in silence, feeling stressed and anxious are common complaints but they’re not pleasant. Talk to a trusted friend or relative and get the help you need to get back on track.


Make sure you learn how to look after yourself if you are suffering with Stress and Anxiety, and ensure you don't bottle it up in yourself. 

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