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Life is a funny old thing, sometimes. We might feel like everything is going swimmingly well, only for life to throw us a curveball. This curveball can be traumatic, negative and on occasion surprising. Perhaps you've lost your job in the past, you’ve been through a horrendous break up or you begin to suffer with your mental health. The biggest moments of your life aren’t always bad, but they are always stressful and anxiety inducing. Take a look at this ultimate guide to surviving the biggest moments of your life.

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Break Up

Being in a relationship can be one of the most blissful times in your life. You may have met your partner when you weren’t even looking for love. Perhaps you went on a few dates, enjoyed getting to know one another, fell deeply in love and moved in together. Finding somebody else on this planet that you connect with so deeply can be life affirming. It can help you stop feeling so isolated and alone. When you’re in a relationship, your self confidence can be boosted and you may feel more attractive and capable, ready to take on any challenges that life has to throw at you.

But, what about when a relationship begins to crumble. Sometimes, relationships slowly start to fade away. You may be arguing a little more with your partner, cute foibles are now turning into annoying niggles and you might no longer enjoy one another’s company. It can be shocking at how quickly love may turn into hate.

If you are struggling with a relationship breakdown, always remember that a relationship doesn’t define you. One day you will have that sophisticated wedding that you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl. You can still send out luxury wedding invites from Pure Invitation, you can still wear your dream dress, and you can still find that person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Being dumped doesn’t mean that you will be single forever. Yes, you may grieve for a lost relationship, but as a relationship ends, you can welcome your freedom once again. Take some time out for yourself, enjoy doing what you want when you want to once again, and enjoy catching up with pals and re-establishing social connections.

Consider spending some time on your personal well being and protect your mental health. While a little cliched, go to the salon and get a new haircut to boost your self esteem and partake in a new hobby or travel to take your mind off things.

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Job Loss

If you have recently lost your job, you may be feeling low and depressed. There’s nothing worse than being made redundant. You may feel that you no longer have the skills needed to secure employment. The thought of applying for new positions and entering into the job hunting market again can be terrifying. If you haven’t been to an interview for years, this can be a nerve wracking prospect.

Rather than wallowing, you need to be proactive and upskill yourself so that your CV is glowing and will see you head and shoulders above the competition. Rejection will happen to you in the job hunting process, but this happens to everyone. Don’t let this dishearten you. Consider undertaking some professional development. Take a look at the job and person specifications of the sorts of roles you are looking to apply for and make sure you fit the criteria. Take an evening course and enjoy gaining a new qualification. Doing this in your own time proves that you are committed and eager to improve yourself.

If you are sick of your current career, think of your redundancy as an opportunity rather than a kick in the teeth. If you want to switch careers, consider retraining. Or perhaps you want to stop working for a corporate facade, and you want to go down the route of self employment instead. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and you will have to put in the hours to secure your footing in your chosen industry, but working for yourself can be more meaningful and make you happier in the long run.

If you are considering applying for new roles, make sure that you utilise personalised application letters rather than using generic online templates. These can be spotted a mile off. Instead, research the company that you are looking to work for, and address a named individual. Think about what you can do for the company rather than what they can do for you. Be detailed and enthusiastic in your writing and inject some personality into your application.

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Mental Health

Anything can provoke a period of poor mental health. It is how you deal with this that counts. Don’t bury your head in the sand and hope that things will get better. You need to try and be proactive. Get down to the gym and enjoy getting active. Doing some exercise can help you get your endorphins raging in your body which can counteract the chemicals that are causing your low mood. Even if you don’t feel up to the gym, you can head outdoors. Perhaps a jog around your local park or a leisurely cycle ride is more apt.

Getting outside has a positive effect on your mental health as natural light is proven to lift your mood, help you sleep better and regulates your body clock. If you aren’t sleeping well, try and get outside for at least thirty minutes every day. The suns rays will help you absorb some much needed Vitamin D.

Try not to isolate yourself. While you might find it difficult to get up every day, you must try to make it into the shower. Meet a pal for coffee and talk. Sharing a problem really does help you to unburden yourself. If you are struggling with opening up to someone close to you, opt to see an objective counsellor to listen to your concerns and lend a critical ear.

Making it through the big moments in your life unscathed can be challenging. Follow this guide and don’t just survive, but thrive.


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