A Unique Christmas Gift

 I am getting so excited for Christmas this year and the countdown to the big day is well and truly on in our house! With that however, comes the task of getting everyone their Christmas presents. I am someone who puts a lot of thought and time into peoples Christmas gifts, as I like them to be personal and thought out... there is no point getting someone a gift for the sake of it is there? 

A trend I have seen swarming around the internet lately in the gift front is the personalised friend/family portraits! Whether poster, mug or key-ring, so many people have taken it upon themselves to create these unique and cute little personal gifts for friends and families!

Nevertheless, when Serena over at PRETTYWILDBLOGDESIGN offered me the chance to get a creation, I just had to say yes! I thought it would be a great Christmas gift (or simple kind gesture) for one of my friends and I knew it would put a smile on their face!

She offered to make me a card or poster, so I picked a poster, simply because I thought the bigger graphic would be easier to display. Serena was super sweet and was so appreciative of any requests I had, including recreating a specific hair design for me that was not on the standard (big) list of designs she offered! After adding in all my preferences and the names and saying I wanted printed, she created me this amazing graphic in a matter of days!

I got this for a friend who I thought needed a wee pick me up and I know it will put a big smile on her face, the graphic is so cute and Serena made sure I was happy with it before I got it printed!

Serena makes the graphics (and many others) over on her Etsy, which you should definitely check out. It is worth noting that once the graphic is sent to you it is up to yourself to get the print printed into a poster (or whatever you wish) which isn't a problem as there are so many places both online and in store that offer printing for a small fee (I got mines from Instaprint as the posters are lovely high quality)!


Make sure you head over to Serenas website today to get yourself a unique and personal Christmas Gift for someone you know... https://www.etsy.com/shop/PRETTYWILDBLOGDESIGN. Again, a massive thank you to her for creating an amazing and personal print for me to feature!

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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As mentioned, the print featured was gifted to me for the purpose if this post, however opinions are my own and not influenced in any way

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