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Its pretty well known now that I do love me a little skincare, so when I got the chance to review a new brand from Poland, I couldn't resist! My skin has been horrid lately with the crazy weather changes and I have been going through my moisturisers super quick to try and keep my skin in the best possible condition. However i have struggled to find something to stop my dry skin suffering as badly as it has...

Thanks to these products, I really have found a difference with my skins health and feel like they have actually been making a difference!


I have very sensitive skin, so was intrigued to see how well this eye cream worked. I tend to find anything that in gentle enough for sensitive skin doesn't seem to do as good a job, so was really happy when I felt this actually moisturised and hydrated the eye area, all while not causing any irritation. Only a small bit is needed to get the best from it, so one pot goes a long way, great for watching the pennies!

It is also unfragranced, another big bonus for me as I am not a fan of super fragranced face products... again it doesn't seem to go well with my skin type. 

The thing I was most excited for was the face serum. I am quite picky with serums as I don't like my face feeling oily or greasy, so was excited to see if this one felt any different. I was surprised at how nice it felt on my skin! It dried in so quick so there was no horrible oily feeling all while being extremely moisturising and hydrating. It really felt like a luxury product, and worked like one too!

After using for a few weeks, my skin felt softer, more hydrated and healthier.... even when my skin is battling the Scottish elements, my skin doesn't completely dry out instantly and stays plump and healthy. I only use a small amount on my face every night and leave it to dry in as I sleep and it works like a dream... I would definitely recommend!

I also love the packaging with this serum, it feels very luxurious and premium, another little added bonus as I find the packaging can be as important as the quality of the product!

When I looked up this range the amount of products they have are endless and there are so many different options for all different skin types. They even have a mens range too, so it isn't all tailored for woman skin. I cannot wait to give the rest of the range a go and add to the collection I already have... so far my first experiences have been nothing but positive!

Check out the website here; ORGANICLIFE


Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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