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Bio Oil and its Benefits
Bio oil products deeply moisturize, improves skin elasticity, is perfect for treating acne spots and marks. We tell you the unexpected uses we have found of this multipurpose oil.
Well, the main uses of Bio-Oil are reducing the appearance of scars, spots, dehydration, skin aging, and stretch marks. Its star component (PurCellin Oil), is supposed to improve its absorption, avoiding fatty consistency. It also gives the skin more elasticity to resist aggressions. It also contains various plant extracts (sunflower, lavender, marigold, rosemary, chamomile), and vitamins A and E. Interesting ingredients for a wide range of dermatological problems.
When a product becomes a 'bestseller,' we are at least curious to try it. This happens with the mythical Bio-Oil multipurpose oil, which is not only the best-selling beauty product but also the third most dispatched on the web in general terms. Because it is? At first glance, it does not have a colourful 'packaging' or anything that attracts attention. Still, the benefits are so many that for its price: it is worth investigating.
Its success lies in the fact that it is an all-in-one product specializing in skincare that promises to improve the appearance of stretch marks, spots, and scars, as well as dehydration and skin aging. Too good to be true?
It is possible that a versatile character that makes it a very practical product and one of the best sellers in the world for facial and body use. Do not forget that its price is also low and that it is sold in pharmacies, mainly pharmacies, which gives some security. Bio oil 200ml is easily available in the market or online.
Also, its composition decreases the risk of allergies and reactions in sensitive skin, being hypoallergenic, and not clogging pores (yes, even oil).

What can you use Bio-Oil for?

Apply a few drops of Bio-Oil on your hands and rub on shaved areas. This helps prevent itching, burning, and irritation after hair removal. It is not suggested to apply directly to mucous membranes (vaginal, ocular, buccal).


Use it before makeup if you are dry skin, or outside the T zone if you are mixed to oily skin. Bio-Oil can enrich your skin and provide the necessary hydration to improve the results of your makeup.

Firming massages:

Apply the following homemade preparation on areas with cellulite when they are clean and dry, vigorously massaging with circular movements, then remove with cold water:

  • Aole Vera gel (1 tablespoon)
  • Bio-Oil (1 tablespoon)
  • Sugar (3 tablespoons)
  • Apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon)

Facial scrub mask:

Mix 1 tablespoon of coffee (not instant) with 1 tablespoon of Bio-Oil and apply with circular massages on the face. You will get a wonderful firming and moisturizing effect.

Migraine treatment:

You can apply it to the temples and massage if you have a migraine crisis. Its relaxing aroma will help you concentrate on a pleasant task.

Relieves insect bites:

If you frequently fight allergies or discomfort from insect bites, try applying a few drops of the oil on the affected skin. In addition to preventing infections, itching decreases, and accelerates the healing process of wounds caused by scratching.

Nail and cuticle strengthener:

After a manicure, to give more strength to your nails and nourish cuticles, you can apply a few drops on your hands and distribute them. Thus, these will look healthy and will require fewer haircuts.

Improves the appearance of the eye contour:

It nourishes the eye contour area and decreases the appearance of dark circles. Hide fine expression lines. It can be applied before the concealer at the time of makeup.

Improve dry areas:

Lips: A matte lipstick can be used before application to avoid extreme dryness caused by this type of cosmetics. Another option is to apply before bed to allow absorption throughout the night.
Heels: Before wearing sandals or open shoes, you can hydrate your heels with a few drops. Another great time to use it is after prolonged exposure to moisture, such as the pool.

Miracle against split ends of hair:

It is an excellent nutrient for fragile or split ends. For best results, you can mix it with a little bit of argan or coconut oil and apply media to ends.


Stretch marks are visible skin atrophies, which said so sounds very bad. Still, they are not any pathology, although they do affect, and much, aesthetically. In fact, there are women with large complexes because, after pregnancy, they do not get rid of them.
Stretch marks are very complicated to eliminate, so try to prevent their appearance. Bio-oil in pregnancy prevents the appearance of stretch marks as long as it is applied correctly and for a certain time.

Other uses of oil

                • Skin spots 
                • Aged skin 
                • Dehydrated skin 

Mode of use

Apply to affected parts 2 times a day for a minimum of three months. It should be applied two times a day from the beginning of the second trimester in the parts prone to stretch marks.


So what do you think of Bio-Oil? It is definitely one of the best skincare products in the market for all year long skin health! Let me know below what your favourite uses for Bio-Oil are!

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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