How I cope with Fatigue!

I have spoke quite a lot about my struggles with Fatigue! Since being diagnosed with these vestibular migraines last year, it has definitely made more tired and caused me to struggle with some of the simplest tasks, especially when my symptoms flare up. I am lucky enough that I can still work a full time job, however it has it’s struggles and if I am having a bad day, I simply don’t have the energy to do anything and when I get home, I spend the night on the sofa! It can be so frustrating, however I do have ways to manage the fatigue and cope when I am maybe not feeling myself!


Listening to my body!

Firstly, and probably the thing it took me longest to learn if I am honest, is to listen to my body! I would normally push through when I was tired and just convince myself I’d be okay, however, when I did finally stop, I would feel like I had ran a marathon and I know my body was suffering. I know now to listen when my body needs a rest. If I need a nap one night after work, I’ll take it because I know that it’s the best thing, and my body will thank me for it. Sometimes if I am doing chores round the house, I will begin to struggle and I know I need to stop and rest for a while. It still is frustrating, especially when you are a bit of a perfectionist and just want everything done there and then, but I now know the resulting factor if I push through isn’t worth it!  I have learned (the hard way) that I need to listen to what my body is telling me and powering through, will make my symptoms much worse!


Another thing that probably took me too long to learn, but planning around any social events or work is an absolute must for me! If I know I need to be somewhere for a certain time, I will ensure I get some rest before it so I don’t crash later on. I always try and take a short nap before heading out anywhere so I get that little boost that helps me make the most of my time. I will always plan travel too, so if I know I need to drive somewhere and back, I will leave a bit sharper… of course I don’t want to drive when I start to get tired! Planning ahead has helped me manage the fatigue a bit better and helped ensure that I don’t end up missing out on anything with my friends or family. Although if I am having a particularly bad day, then I know I will be useless to the world and only do the absolute musts!


I have joined so many support groups online for vestibular sufferers and fatigue sufferers and they have been great support, especially when I first got diagnosed. It helped answer so many questions and gave me loads of great advice which helped me learn to manage my symptoms. It was also a great place to vent on a bad day and know that people were in similar situations and could understand you completely. It was so beneficial to talk to people who were in the same boat as you and know exactly what you were going through, I felt they understood where I was coming from and could actually help me!
Now that I have been coping with this for a while, I am starting to find it rewarding to help others who were once in my shoes too. Everyone is so supportive and is there for each other, whether you are seeking advice, or looking for a place to rant, I have found it so beneficial!


It took me a long time to accept that this is something I need to cope with. It almost made it harder to bear and I felt so frustrated that I was limited in what I could do. Accepting that this was something I was going have to deal with made it easier in a way. I knew that I was very unlikely I was going to magically get cured so learning to deal with it was my only option and thanks to accepting it was part of my life, it made it easier to find ways to manage. I still get moments when it gets on top of me, which is normal, but I know now that suffering fatigue is part of the side effects of Vestibular disorders. Acceptance took a while but it has definitely helped me a lot.


It can be tough, but learning to manage fatigue has helped me a lot. I know I will never feel 100% again (or at least it is very unlikely), but managing my symptoms helps me stay in control of my life as much as I can. I can still head off to work, go out with friends and family and head off on my travels all while managing my symptoms! 

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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