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I for one have set myself a goal of keeping myself healthy and making sure I look after my body better! I know for a fact I don’t get my full vitamin intake and I am lacking some nutrients that are essential to keeping myself healthy, so when I was offered the chance to try Sundose I jumped at the chance! I have tried this sort of thing before and did find reap the benefits from it so was intrigued to see how these would compare…


So firstly I filled out a sort of questionnaire on the website, asking loads of questions to determine my weaker areas and what areas I needed a boost. It covered everything from smoking and drinking habits, to what you eat to your fitness levels. It took me about 5-10 mins to get through, however I loved the fact it was so thorough and in depth, I knew it would make the final product as personalised to me as possible, and hopefully make it more beneficial! I then got shown my results, and what was going to be in my supplements…. There was a few nutrients that were obviously lacking as I noticed how much there would be in my vitamins. It kind of made me excited to try it and see if I actually would notice any difference…

They also took a note of any medical info to take that into consideration when making my vitamins.. I mentioned my vestibular disorder and the fact I struggled with fatigue and muscle pain and the quickly took this into consideration when formulating. I also picked what flavour I wanted… I picked orange, however there were a few to choose from. For a first try, I thought orange was a good shout…

I ordered my vitamins way back at the beginning of December and got them a week or two later. I couldn’t wait to give them a go! They arrived in a box and each day was a different sachet, in 2 sections, one with the vitamin drink powder and the other with my tablets, completely personalised to me! I tried the drink straight away and after mixing, was impressed by the taste. I have tasted some vitamin drinks where the taste is powdery and too sweet, but this tasted really nice and pleasant. I am quite pernickety with how things taste and I can drink this no bother! The tablets are quite big, so if you struggle to swallow tablets then you might find this an issue, but again for me this isn’t a problem!

So let’s skip a week! I took my vitamins after my breakfast as it says on the packaging all the way through to make sure it was consistant. After my first week I hadn’t felt any difference health wise but I definitely noticed it in my skin and hair. My skin looked much healthier and plumper and my hair looked shinier and smoother. Of course with the festivities taking place, I felt my skin was lacking a boost (Completely the drinks fault!) so this was just what I needed!

It wasn’t until my second and third week I began to feel the benefits Healthwise. I felt less bloated and more hydrated and was able to do more without feeling as tired. Unfortunately, because of my medication, fatigue is going to be a constant thing, however it did feel a little more manageable with the help of my Sundose sachets and I didn’t get to that ‘completely drained’ stage as often! I also felt better in myself… like I felt better knowing I was giving my body the vitamins and nutrients it was probably thriving for before. I felt happier and more positive knowing I was looking after myself properly!

By the time I finished my months cycle, I felt much more myself. My skin and hair have definitely reaped the benefits, I think this is the most noticeable difference! However I don’t feel as bloated and sluggish as I did previously and feel much more positive in myself. My wellbeing has absolutely improved thanks to these!


So final opinion! I think these have definitely helped in my overall wellbeing and I fell my health has improved a lot. As you re order your vitamins every month, it is re-evaluated to ensure you are continuously getting what your body is lacking… so perfect for matching your busy lifestyle. It is something I think would be beneficial to anyone who is looking to improve their health in 2020, it is easy to take every morning, tastes nice, and is perfect for supplying your body with what it needs to perform its best easily and quickly!

So what do you think? If you want to learn more, head over to their website at

Also! Another reason to buy today, the kind people in the Sundose team have offered me the chance to share a discount code to get £20 off your first order! Just enter code ‘NCorbett’ at checkout!


Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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Please note; I was gifted these supplements in return for a review however all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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