Stay Tanned this Winter

So firstly... Happy New Year to you all! It has been such a busy few weeks and although I enjoyed every minute, I glad to get back to some sort of normality and especially get back to my blogging... I did miss it a lot more than I thought I would have actually!

So it is January! Let's face it it's not the best month in the year, we are still ages away from any actual summer and the one thing we love about Winter has well and truly gone past! Nevertheless, I love trying out new products at the beginning of the year and one thing I decided to really get into in 2020 is tanning! I am as pale as they make them, and back in November I decided that enough was enough and than a good tan wasn't only for summer, but winter too! Nothing says healthy like a little glow!

With that in mind, I was kindly sent this BOOST Gradual Tanner from Norvell Tanning to try! Gradual tanners have always been my favourite as they are easy to apply, natural in appearance and keeps your skin moisturised too... a win win in my book!

One of the first things I like about this tanner is the smell! No sickly tanner smell here... it has a really floral, natural smell that leaves your skin slightly fragranced when applied, just like a body moisturiser would. This was a massive thumbs up for me as one thing I truly can't stand is a tanner that smells like a tanner... if that makes sense!

The product does come out BROWN! Don't let this put you off, it blends in really natural and gives a slight instant glow without it being to obvious that you've just applied a tan! Just make sure to thoroughly and instantly rub and blend it into the skin, it does dry in quite quick and can leave slight marks on the skin if it has been sitting for too long without being thoroughly blended! Also a quick note, like any tanner... it tans your hands too, so make sure to wash them thoroughly when your done! Trust me on this one, I forgot one time and it wasn't a pretty sight the next day (haha!)

This is not the darkest of tans, if you are looking for a super dark colour, then this is not for you! However for someone with paler skin like me, this has been a godsend! It is easy to use, and if blended well, is streak free! It gives my skin enough of a glow and a tan to get rid of the ghostly white winter skin of mines and instead make my skin appear more healthy and glowy! 

I also love that it does give you a slight bit of instant colour too, perfect for any January nights out or meet ups with friends. Just keep in mind it does take a little longer to dry in, so give yourself plenty of time when using it and it will work like magic... you don't want it getting on your clothes and coming out blotchy!


I think tanned healthy looking skin is going to be up there with one of my 2020 goals! I love how much more confident I am with a little glow! It will be great for when I go on any holidays too... with my first trip away being only 2 weeks from now! This will definitely be getting flung in the suitcase...

Please note this tanner was gifted, however I trialled the product fully and all opinions are my own

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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