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One thing having these vestibular issues has taught me is how to take care of myself. Whether I am having a dizzy day or not, taking care of my body and well being, and ensuring I take time for myself has became such an important thing for me...

I have learned what works for me when it comes to taking care of myself and how I can ensure my well being and health are well looked after and I thought I would share them with you... you never know, you might learn something new!


One of the most obvious ones, nut one that a lot of people don't do enough, is sleep! Listening to your body and ensuring you let it rest when it needs it is an absolute must to ensuring you look after yourself. Especially for myself, which I have spoke about before, listening to when my body needs a break is a must and ensuring I take a nap if needed and get plenty of sleep during the night helps me be perform the best I can.

I always take time in my schedule when I can to do something I love doing, whether it is just sitting for 5 mins and enjoying a cuppa, or doing a hobby that I haven't done in a long time, rediscovering something you enjoy and taking time away from your busy schedule to make some time for yourself is a great self care tip. Not only will you find your mood improving, but your well being and mind will thank you!
I have several hobbies, from my blog, to jewellery making, to baking... so I always make sure I have time to do all these things... It makes me so happy doing something I love and is a great escape from the stress of work or studies!

Investing in a daily journal or diary is a great way to track what each day involved and keep track of the positives of the day that you might have put to the back of your mind. A few years ago, a friend of mines got me a memory a day diary and it was so great at the end of the day to write down one thing that day I had enjoyed.
It was so good to end the day on a high and realise that even though you might have had a bad day, there were some positives. Its a fab way to give your mood a boost and literally takes 10 seconds of your day!

Another way to help with your mental state and well being is to have a social media detox. No you don't have to go on and delete everyone from every type of social media. Nevertheless muting those few accounts that might let of negative vibes, or you don't enjoy as much can ensure your feeds are full of positivity. I done this a few weeks back and favourited all my close friends and family so they always appear at the top and it has made my feed so much more positive... it is something I would highly recommend to anyone... I try and do it every now and again!

Of course, one of the main ways to ensure you take care of yourself is to look after your body, both inside and out. Take some time out every week to give yourself a little pamper session, and treat yourself to some skincare. I also take vitamins daily, thanks to Sundose supplements, which I done a blog post on (check out the post HERE) which help ensure my body gets all the nutrition and supplements it needs to perform its best. It helps my gut be happy and my body stay healthy! It really helps not only my health but also helps give me a little more energy to get stuff done and stops me from feeling sluggish or lousy!

And lastly, get outside! Yes, with the weather we have been hit with over the past few weeks this is easier said than done, but I have definitely noticed a difference in my well being not being able to get outside. Even just getting out a walk and taking in some fresh air is such a great way for me to escape, enjoy a change of scenery and split my day up a little. I am quite lucky with where I stay, we have a lot of nature walks and greenery on our doorstep, so I can take it in whenever I like and I love it, but no matter where you are, getting outdoors is something your body will thank you for. And of course, when the summer comes round, the sun helps give your skin a vitamin boost, so it is even more beneficial for you!


There are so many ways that you can take some time for yourself and look after yourself but these are just some of my tips that have worked for me! Make sure to leave any other tips below!

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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