Nip + Fab Glycolic Cleansing Pads - An Honest Review

My skin recently has been a scary sight. With a mix of stress, the weather, and of course my time of the month (oh yes, the joys), My face really has broken out and has been prone to redness and dark circles. I have been determined to take better care of my skin and because of that, I have been on the look out for something to help give my skin a bit of a boost and help it look and feel healthier and brighter!

I have always wanted to try some of the Nip + Fab range, but it has never been something I have got round to... however I was in Boots a few weeks ago and they had a lovely wee BOGOF deal on all the range, so I just had to try some bits out. I had heard some good reviews on the Glycolic pads so was really excited to give them a go!


I picked up both the day and night pads, and decided to religiously stick to them every morning and evening to see if they actually worked like how they said they would! I was determined to see if they made a difference to my skin.

I was intrigued by what the days and night pads claimed they would achieve with use. The daytime pads were moisturising, and helped soothe and calm tired skin. It also claimed to re texture and brighten the skin, which was desperate what my skin needed, especially first thing in the morning! The evening pads were much more cleansing, and claims to help unclog congested skin and aid natural exfoliation... which really intrigued me!

So how did I get on? I used these continuously for about 2 weeks and my skin did feel cleaner and smoother. I found the nighttime pads were much more effective on my skin than the daytime... I think they might have been a better formula for my skin type... but of course everyone is a bit different! When I used the nighttime pads, I felt it really cleaned my skin, even when I had removed all my make up, there was always a wee bit of oil or dirt noticeable on the wipe. Of course this is a good thing, to give your skin a good clean and ensure it is fresh and oil free, but I feel like I have used wipes and pads in the past that have done the exact same for much cheaper.

For me there wasn't much difference to my skin using the day time pads especially. I felt like it didn't really do much for me, and my skin wasn't reaping the benefits of the pads as much as I thought it would. Again, I feel like I have used products that do much the same for a much cheaper price...


I will say I will continue using these, to see if maybe with long term use I will begin to notice a difference, but so far I haven't seen too much of a change to the condition of my skin. I can tell when I smell the wipes they are quite strong, so just be careful using these if you have more sensitive skin (I have quite sensitive skin and they are okay for me, but just be careful), theres nothing worse than breaking out and your skin becoming worse when you are trying to make it better!


I would love to know how you got on if you have tried these? Was it more effective for you or did you feel it wasn't all it was built up to be? Comment below and let me know what your experience was like?

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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