GIFTED: The 3 in 1 Hairbrush.... Does it work?

Right, hands up... who is is dyer need of a haircut!!!!

I know I am desperately trying to keep my hair looking decent, especially with all the works Zoom calls, but with everyday that goes by, the split ends get longer and my hair becomes thicker and thicker! It hasn't been fun!

However all this time has given me a chance to experiment and try out new things, especially in the hairstyling world that I might not have thought of using before and one of them is the 3 in 1 hair drying brush. This has been doing the rounds on Facebook and Youtube as being the new best thing in hairdressing, so when I got the chance to review it here on my blog, I had to grab it to see if it really was as good as it was made out to be!


So basically, this is a hairbrush with a built in hairdryer, so you can style your hair as it is drying... perfect for people like me who normally take ages to style their hair. It is basically meant to duplicate a blow dry but without the awkwardness and multiple tools. 

I jumped in the shower and washed and conditioned my hair as I normally would. I use this drying towel from Coco and Eve, which is great at absorbing a lot of the excess water from my hair, to speed up drying time!

So the brush itself was a real surprise, considering it was quite wide, it was really light to hold... which was great as I knew if it was heavy it would be quite painful to use all over my head! Anyone could use it, their is only one switch, depending on how hot you want the air, and you can easily switch between the 3 options, which was great!

It is more an oval shape, which surprised me, as I just assumed it would be round but it worked really well, it gave the right amount of volume and boost to your hair, but because of the shape, again it wasn't super bulky and felt really sleek!


I sectioned my hair into 3 layers, just to make it easier to work with. I grabbed each section and started brushing it through with the dryer on the highest setting and I was amazed. Considering each section was quite thick, it was dry within a minute and the shine it left was amazing! I couldn't believe how quickly my hair was styled... as I said, I would spend well over an hour beforehand drying and straightening to get the same effect!

I finished my bottom layer within 5 minutes. I stuck with keeping the hair straight and twisting the brush under at the ends for some added volume, however I know you can use this for curled hair, which I would love to try in the future!

The rest of my hair was a breeze, within 15 minutes, my hair went from wet and wavy, to smooth and styled! I didn't have to get into any awkward poses to go round my head, the brush could be moved easily and with little effort... and I changed the temperature to cool at the ends to set my hair in place!

The only issue I had to start with was that I felt my roots weren't drying as well, however when I increased the setting to high, the extra boost was perfect for drying my roots, as well as the length of my hair, so maybe something to consider if you have wavier hair like mines! Theres nothing worse than styling your hair then having the random wavy kink!


Overall I can see why this has got the hype it has! It is easy to use, gives really solid results and isn't super pricey! A lot of the hair tools available out there struggle to cater for those with thick hair, like mines, so the fact that I can use this and it gives me amazing results, as it would someone with finer hair is a massive bonus in my opinion!

Are you going to give it a go? If you regularly dry your hair, it is something I would highly recommend keeping in your collection... I know I will be using mines a lot!!!

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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Please note: I was gifted the product in this post in exchange for a review, however all opinions are my own and haven't been influenced!

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