GIFTED - Is it worth buying a Milk Frother?

So who else is a coffee addict? I am a great lover of my coffee and although I don't now have one daily like I used too, I do like to treat myself and find it a great way to wind down and relax for 5-10 mins. Because of this, I have a bad habit of buying myself a coffee when I am out and about and although that hasn't been a lot lately, it usually takes a big chunk out of my bank account.. which lets face it, could be spent on much more necessary things....

I was offered the chance to trial this Milk frother and I was really intrigued to see firstly, how it worked... but also if it made my coffees taste just as good as the shop bought ones....

Heres how I got on!


So as I said, I was gifted this particular one to try, but was instantly impressed with the quality of it! It was heavy and seemed really sturdy, which was a must for us as we knew it was going to be well used! It looked super sleek and professional, so much so we actually just kept it on our worktops too, it matched the rest of our appliances and was a cool little gadget to have on show!

So we have quite a few different coffees we use, depending on what we are in the mood for, but most of the time we use the cafetiere. I couldn't wait to try a coffee with my new little gadget... I really wanted to see if it compared to those fancy shop bought coffees!

So the frother can be used to froth the milk hot or cold, or simply heat the milk up... however for me I will be using it mostly to have a frothy coffee. I couldn't wait to give it a try and compare it to what I normally would treat myself to while out and about.

it does come with some extra mixers and a cleaning brush, that can be used to keep the gadget in the best condition and also allow you to achieve different finishes, depending on what you prefer. 

The guidelines inside give you a great indication on where to fill to for what you are looking to achieve, making it super easy to follow. I simply pressed the button and let the machine work its magic... all while I prepped my coffee. 

So once my coffee was ready I grabbed the milk and poured it on top. There was a little that wasn't mixed very well but that didn't bother me... there was plenty of frothed milk and it went with the coffee so well... it really felt like a super indulgent coffee! It did take a few attempts to work out how much to make up, the first few times I felt I made a little much and it made my coffee too weak for my liking... after a few attempts I managed to work out the right amount for me!

I really like having this in the kitchen and I can see this actually saving me so much money in the long term... Making this up instead of buying that fancy coffee shop coffee in the morning will be my new thing. Considering this sells for under £45.00 I really see this being a great kitchen must have for all you coffee addicts out there who want to start watching those pennies.... get a little coco sprinkler for that extra fancy finish!


We have only had this for a short time and it is used at least 2-3 times a day. If you love your coffees, especially with a lot of us working from home currently, this is the prefect thing to make your coffees go from dull to indulgent, without spending a fortune on fancy coffee machines.... Head over to Amazon to pick up one while you can.

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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