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Shapewear has became much more popular over the years and for many has became a wardrobe essential that can help you look more lean and toned. There are so many different types of shapewear available nowadays, including bodysuits, shorts, waist trainers and camis, all of which are popular with woman all over the world.

So why has shapewear became such a must have? And why do so many woman swear by it!?


So I know I am not the only one that struggles with body confidence, actually a study showed that a massive 91% of women are unhappy with their appearance in some way!

I do try and keep active as much as I can and watch my diet, to make sure that I am healthy, of course that is the most important thing! However my body still has rolls and bumps like everyone else. These curves are completely normal and it is important to remember that...

Nevertheless, as much as we accept our body shape and all those lines and curves we have... sometimes we want that little bit of confidence when we head out the door. 
That is when our shape wear comes into play... most women out there will no doubt have some sort of shape wear in their wardrobes to help give your confidence a little boost when heading out the door... especially with body con clothes that, lets face it, show of EVERYTHING!

No matter what type you have, or what area you need a little help with, shape-wear can help give you a more shapely figure, slim down any areas you lack confidence in, and help produce the hourglass figure that so many women dream off. So it is easy to see why it is so popular!

So, what are the different types out there!?

No matter if you want to emphasise your waist, or shape your bum, there is something out there to help! Waist trainers have became extremelly popular as a way to give you some curves and is great if you lack shape in that area... why not head over and check out the best waist trainers for women and see what works for you!!

If you are looking for something a little more supportive, then shapewear bodysuits is the way to go! These are fab if you are looking for something to give you a more lean and toned figure and helps shape and slim a bigger area. They can also feel a little more comfortable if you are new to the shapewear game!

And of course, there are Shorts, which can help slim your thighs and give your bum a boost, by providing some support and lifting! These are great if you are wearing more fitted bottoms, or a bodycon dress and want to give the rear a little boost!                                                                        


So will you be getting yourself some Shapewear for your wardrobe? Why not head over to Shapewear by Shapellx and check out their range of shapewear... there is bound to be something there that you will love!

Are you currently someone who has some shape wear in your wardrobe? Let me know below what your favourites are!

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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