GIFTED: Budget Candles... are they as good?

I love me a candle... I am a little obsessed! Every birthday and Christmas I get at least 2 or 3 as gifts, then I of course have to stock up the rest of the year and add to my ever growing collection. I do get myself a mix of different candles, Yankee, Imperial and Woodwick are up there with my faves!

But, are cheaper candles just as good? I am a huge fan of budget candles too and wanted to see if they were just as good! I was offered the chance to try these gorgeous candles, available on Amazon, where a box of 4 candles came in at just under £15. Each candle is 4.4oz, so they are a pretty good size too!


So firstly, how gorgeous are these? Each candle comes in its own pattern, and the box is stunning... perfect for a gift! You actually get 4 different fragrances with this set, Lavender, Spring, Lemon and Fig... which I love as it means you can mix it up as you wish! All these fragrances are super strong... as soon as the lid is removed, you are hit with this wall of fragrance... I would even go as far to saying that these have a lot more fragrance than some of these bigger brands out there!

So the lids on these are on quite tight, however there is a ribbon to pull to help get the lid off... talk about luxury! It is a lovely classy element to these that I have never seen before! I felt very fancy opening these up.

Another thing to note with these candles is they are Soy candles, which means they will burn much better, and produce less soot, so your candle will stay much more clean and luxurious in apperance. I have also found from experience, that soy candles burn much more evenly, so say goodbye to your wick diapering into your wax!

I have had the Spring candle lit for a while and have been really impressed, especially with the scent, you can smell it from the second you walk into the room, and we have a large livingroom... it fills the room up no bother with a gorgeous smell!

It is recommended with these particular candles to use the lid as a coaster almost, and place it under ,your candle to absorb the heat, but for the purposes of the picture, I just quickly took it without. I have however been using the lids for these since and they look really expensive, you would never guess they were picked up for a bargain!


So, do you really need to spend a fortune on a fancy, brand name candle? No, absolutely not, from my experience! These candles are gorgeous and do all the same jobs a more expensive candle would do... in some cases it does it better!  And even with some other candles that have been picked up for cheap, I have never really found any major disappointments. 

I would highly recommend these candles as a gift for someone special, or even as a treat for yourself.... I am sure once these run out, I will be picking up some more!

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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