GIFTED: My Daily Cute Nutrition Routine!

So I have been a huge fan of Cute Nutrition for years now and it really has became such a big part of my lifestyle. I feel my health has improved, my energy levels have peaked and my body is in the best shape it has been in a long time.... and it is all thanks to including Cute in my diet!

I wanted to share with you all how I include Cute products in my everyday routine and what my favourite products are.. because there is a lot that I can't live without!


So the first thing I do in the morning is make my Skinny Juice. What is Skinny Juice? It is a powdered flavouring that is mixed with water and has loads of brilliant benefits, such as providing nutrients to ensure you are the best you can be, promoting weight loss, detoxing, reducing bloating and keeping you hydrated. Having a glass of water when you wake up can really help boost your metabolism and wake up the body after a night of sleep, so I find this a must have every morning!

I have loved every flavour that I have tried, including Raspberry Mojito and Purple Grape... but my favourite has to be Tropical, there newest flavour, it tastes incredible and is super refreshing... I find I drink so much more water by using my skinny juice which in turn helps me feel a lot better! You can have up to 2 servings a day, so I usually will have one serving before lunch to get my body going for the day, then have another before dinner. This way I reap the benefits as much as I can!


Once I have my Skinny Juice sorted, I like to prepare my first shake of the day. I like to have 2 shakes a day most of the time, and love to mix up the flavours depending on what I am in the mood for. This is one of the reasons I love Cute, the range of different flavours and options are great and there is always something available depending on your preferences or mood!

I decided to have one of my favourite flavours today for breakfast, Chocolate! I always use 100ml of Almond Milk with 300ml of water... this way the shake is super creamy, tasty and thick, but I still get the benefits of another glass of water to keep me hydrated and keep calories low!
I use my favourite Cute shaker to mix the powder and shake together, the mesh insert helps keep the mixture smooth and creamy. And also, it genuinely looks super Cute (get it!?)

Cute have a bunch of different flavours and also have a range of Vegan and Whey shakes, to suit dietary needs and help you get the best results possible. 

I find these super filling and with my 2 shakes, I stay full all day until dinnertime. These are also fab for my busy lifestyle, especially with work. They take no time to make and give me a bunch of vitamins and nutrients too.... making them perfect for people like me with busy lifestyle!

I like to keep my shake and my skinny juice at my side throughout he day to make sure I drink them and get the most from the products, they have so many benefits for my health and wellbeing. Being on the computer most of the day means I need to ensure get the right things into my body to ensure I perform my best!


The last thing I like to take on a daily basis, is my dandelion root. Yes I have a big water intake, so I am prone to water weight! These are perfect for helping shift that extra weight and detoxing the body, ensuring you loose even more weight!

They are super easy to swallow and are coated to reduce any horrible taste, something a lot of other brands have issues with. I like to take one of these after my lunchtime shake and then after my dinner to maximise results... and although you can take one after your brekkie too, I tend to find the two enough!

Cute also do a fab range of supplements, my favourite being their Chewable vitamins, which have an amazing Cherry flavour and are the perfect daily supplement to get your Recommended daily intake of vitamins.... lets just say I am counting down the days to payday to stock back up on my favourites!

Cute Nutrition has became such a big part of my life, which is why back in May I decided to become an Ambassador where I can share my love of the brand and all the benefits it has brought me with all of you! I feel so much healthier, energetic and have noticed a great difference in my skin... those nutrients that I have been getting have made such a positive change and I really don't want to go back!

I do have a support group over at and have a code NICOLECVIP which can get you 10% off all their goodies! Head over and join if you want more info, I would love to see you all there!

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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