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So you will all know by now that Nivea is up there as being one of my favourite skincare brands, and has been for a long time now... for good reason! Being someone with sensitive skin, I have tried every brand out there, and I have always came back to this one, it just works so well for me and keeps my skin in fab condition, without irritation.

And although with everything going on in the world at the moment, the possibility of getting a holiday abroad in the sunshine looks slim, it is always good to have some sun protection handy for the odd spells of good weather here in Scotland... because if you can believe it, it does get super warm sometimes!


As I said before, I always have some Nivea Sun Protection handy for the odd time we get great weather, or for any day trips or staycations we have, as well as of course heading abroad for some sunshine. The one place I feel I really need to watch out for is my face, I am really bad at kind of leaving that out when I am lathing up the sun lotion and because of that, it can be really sensitive and easily burnt. I keep Niveas Soothing and Sensitive UV face protection handy to help with this. I can add it once in the morning and it really lasts all day, although I do recommend topping up every now and again just to be safe!

It feels light, dries in quick and provides my skin with the protection it desperately needs. Also, it is a high factor 50, so your skin is protected, even in the hottest weather!

I have never had any issues with this, I always find it protects me perfectly, doesn't dry the skin out, and avoids burnt patches (for me I ALWAYS burn on my nose... anyone else?). It is a small tube too, so cvan be thrown in your bag on the go... and lasts forever, only a little is needed and it goes a long way!

Of course, I need to protect the rest of my skin too, so I always pack my Nivea Protect and Refresh Sun protection spray! Let's face it, no one wants to sit with their body lathered in sun cream, waiting for what seems like forever for it to soak in. I always find it leaves me feeling really tacky and greasy too! This is instantly drying, doesn't leave your skin sticky and works brilliantly at protecting even the most sensitive of skin!

You can either apply straight onto the area you want to spray, or what I like to do is spray it into my hands and rub it in where I need protection. Again the SPF 50 ensures my skin is protected and stays hydrated and soothed when in the sunshine!

I like to continue using Nivea long after the sun has set to help keep my skin moisturised and keep whatever colour I got looking good! So I always grab my Nivea Aftersun. It is perfect for lathering onto your skin to give that sunned skin a boost of moisture and avoid the likes of peeling!

A lot goes a long way, so a tub always lasts me a super long time, it is filled to the brim so you always get your moneys worth!

The cream is also packed with plenty of essential Vitamins and Aloe Vera, to help soothe the skin, perfect for us with senstivie skin! 

I would highly recommend grabbing yourself some Nivea goodies to help you out next time you find yourself in the sunshine.... I have relied on them for years and they have a great reputation for both adults and children for a good reason!

Let me know if you have any go to Nivea goodies you can't live without!

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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